zSidefyre's Captain's treasure! [Open Seas Contest]


My attempt was to make a unique entry for the build contest and this is what I came up with. Before building it I went out and explored the open seas to get some inspiration and see what the themes are. though I didn’t focus much on a specific theme other than just “pirate”, I tried to do something I could not find in the open seas. This is why i decided to build this. I did my best to try and use different blocks, hard to get or not, I wanted to put everything I got into this build.

Another thing I tried to do was to add different details like the torn clothes showing some ribs or bones, worn out throne with all of the little holes in it, giving it a sense of age, as if the skeleton has been there for a long time with his treasure or just the little props like the cutlass to go better with the theme. also i managed to get an effect with the eyes, as if they are always following you.

I would like to add that my build is 20x20x31, i hope that there isn’t an issue if i went over the height limit by 1 block. If there is please tell me and i will try to fix it. DM me on discord: Steven#0436

Good luck to everyone participating in the contest!



This is lit. Good job!


this is already my winner side - zFadedFyre


This looks good and definitely a good contender and the best of the entries so far. However I’d recommend you find a different color for the boots as it blends in too much with the chair. I think it’s better to take the screenshots in default or just faithful to give a more clear idea of how it’d look to all players. Good luck!


Looks very nice, Its very creative.

  • Wish of luck


Thanks for the advice! I will try out some different colors for the boots and i’m going to take more screenshots


Competition is ending today good luck to all of you who’ve participated! (This is not to make my post be at the top)