XTC - Now Recruiting



XTC is now Recruiting!

Looking for a crew? Check us out!

As of today, we’re looking to expand our 3-Man team we’ve be running for close to a year. XTC is our hope of becoming the best crew on Uncharted.

Why Join XTC?

We’re not trying to be one of those intensely sweaty and often quite annoying crews. We want to build a community and work with all of you to become the best. Our management team is quite experienced in running a team like this, and possess quite a skillset when it comes to MC.

We’re professional, organized and efficient. Our discord is built for this server now, and prepared to expand with all of your help. We’re going to be documenting information to help you progress the best, from quest tips, chest locations, team info, and much more.

We’re quite accepting. Since we’re looking to build a huge team, you won’t need to worry about keeping up and pushing others around to stay in the team. We need everyone we can get, and hope to expand to the point we did on Uncharted before, running almost 60 Members and completing amazing projects.

Want to join us?

Please hop into our discord and make an application from there.
All the information you need will be easily accessible.