Will's gear got lost


So here is the thing.

My mate Will_The_Wizard1 got banned. and now he isn’t anymore. Thank you to the staff.
But he lost he God Set once he got banned. I think Reper516 (I don’t want to jump the gun BUT) I think his faction is currently in possesion of his gear at the moment.

If it would be so kindly to have it back. It would be really apreciated of all of you.

You’s trully


Hi there, it’s true that Will was banned and I take full responsibility for him losing his Gset. However my crew and I are not in possession of the Gset as it was not dropped on the point of the ban. As a compensation I have given him one of my best Gsets. I hope this enough to make amends :smiley:


reper516 I got ban for some reason a 2nd time wtf pls help I was not even online when I was ban pls help


Will_The_wizard1 if you would like to see why you were banned please look at Charks post about you being banned. In the comments it explains why you were banned, hopefully this helps you understand.