Why there should be a better forgivensss system


I’m sure how all of you known about bans, right? Personally, the forgiveness system is horrible, or if there even is one. Everything here is all my opinion as a discussion and a suggestion.

To start off of, a lot of the bans/mutes usually have very wacky lengths. Saying “stab” got a player permanently banned (Who had a very clean history except 2 mutes a long time ago). See that issue? Now for me, with countless mutes, I’ve said worse stuff I regret to this day, I usually get a day or two of a mute back then. Doing so with those horrible things, I haven’t got banned at all. Even bigger issue there.

If they even is a format for a forgiveness system, I’d like to see it, because I really think they is no system off evidence up there and other things going to be listed down. :thinking:

For example, a player uses the old /hat glitch from months ago, and gets 2 warnings after using it maliciously in the warzone for the benefit of killing players. Then, someone walks around the docks/spawn with an armor piece on their head, resulting them getting perm banned and appeal denied. See that issue? (This is related to a true story, just a bit edited in a better fashion) There is really no system for forgiveness in appeals with this situation. Another thing is ban lengths with what I just said. Ban lengths or mutes, need to have a reasonable amount; not a stupid amount of time. This would be based off the past history and offenses. This should also be based off how bad what the person did or said in the situation.

Now, a forgiveness system with appeals and ban lengths format would need to be made for the staff team that is more reasonable. This would be good for the rest of the server.

To start off with this statement is a bit of a repeat.

  1. The ban/mute should be based off the history of ban/mute of the offending player.
  2. The ban/mute should be based off what they did/said in the situation that occurred.
  3. If someone says something rude to a player, who they are good friends with, they should be warned not to say those things then giving them a long mute.
  4. Chances should be given before banning someone or muting someone. If they did it once, message them or say in chat to warn them not to do that again. The next time they do something related on what they did before, they should be banned/muted.
  5. Appeals should be accepted based on how well the appeal is and if they seem very sorry on what they did so.
  6. All bans/mute should be reasonable on the length and reason.
  7. Cant confirm this, but staff not to be that bias towards a player that DOES NOT like them.

Hopefully you could take this suggestion (Melon Dev) on my opinion about this. Reply on the post if you agree.

Final thing to top the cherry on the cake, I have lots of respect for the staff team. I’m very thankful that they do their job and enforce the rules in great ways, but I just thought the lengths and reasons were sometimes very stupid in some ways.

~VexellisSPOOKY get spooked


I would say I agree but there is an obvious bias in the matter.

I have been on the server since June and have seen various players receive mutes and or bans with times that just don’t seem to fit the punishment with these players having or without having a prior punishment history.

Since you said it yourself in this post, you have said some very questionable things and have received several fair and just mutes for it. BUT, how many times can you say these things and be muted before other action needs to be taken place? How much longer can the mute times be taken before it would be easier to ban them outright? Some things are said and you receive swift bans with little to no prior history, other times you can cuss up a storm and receive a week or 2 week mute and a slap on the wrist and are told to not do it again.

As with most things I post on the forums, I expect this to more than likely get taken down. What does the opinions of a banned player matter to issues at hand that are brushed aside as if it was salt spilt on a table?

Be reasonable. These punishment times often make sense, I will give you that. But unfortunately there are too many times where these things are blown so out of proportion that NASA can see them projected into space!


Even if this posts gets taken down, rather have my opinion up on the juice sales table before it gets taken down. Rather have my opinion be out there. A lot of the bans usually are reasonable, but lengths are really iffy with me.


I personally believe that if a player is banned/muted, they should have a chance to explain their side of the story. I get that sometimes players might react to quickly and do something they might regret and they might want to make things right again. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t get banned/muted, I’m just saying that might want to explain their side of the story to shorten their mute/ban or just to make sure they were heard. Also, I think that if a player says something rude to a friend and get banned even though it was just a joke, they should be able to get a ban reduction or a short mute instead of a really long ban. (To be fair, I’m pretty baised when it comes to people getting muted/banned if they make a slightly offensive joke to their friend in public chat and get punished for it). Anyway, that’s just my stance on the topic. But hey, who am I to know about the ban system? :pensive:


Clearly I am also bias towards this topic, but I would tend to agree with you.

You will never have a perfect world inwhich everyone agrees with you, but I do believe, however, as you get to know people you relax around them. You may say things infront of them as you wouldn’t a stranger or a family member. Things slip.

You may not like said slip, it may break a rule, but why can you say these things in a private chat such crew chat, but if you say it in a global one you will be punished? Either way will the intended party not see said remark if they are in your crew but only in global or in a report with evidence would it be reported and a punishment dealt?

It may be my age and lack of knowledge on the matter that brings this question to mind but; Do you not think that odd that joking in a private chat is acceptable but if it is in global, or if it is reported from a private chat, only then it will be punished?


Yeah, I definitely find it a bit strange that you can say anything in private chats or crew chats regardless of if it’s offensive or not but if said in global chat, you get punished. I do feel like the effect on other players should be taken into consideration when determining if a player should be banned/muted and for how long they should be banned/muted. I personally believe if someone said something offensive but no one said anything about it or complained, then there should be at most a warning or a short mute lasting 30 minutes, to give an example. Basically, what I am saying is that there should be some grey area between allowing something to be said without punishment and instantly dealing harsh punishments to players if they said something considered offensive.

I’ll also give some of my stance on hacks: I hate them and people who use them should be banned. But, I also feel like if someone is banned for maybe using a mini-map accidentally or not turning off a mod before logging into the server, they should have some kind of warning at first and maybe get a small ban, such as for a day or two, to make sure they don’t forget. Unless the mod had some serious effect (Getting gold faster/Killing players/Any unfair advantage), I think there should be a small punishment, but nothing serious.

Also, I feel like if a player seems to sincerely regret their actions, whether it be something they said or using some unfair advantage, they should have the chance to get a reduced ban/mute. I think that if someone REALLY regrets using an unfair advantage, or they want a second chance, they should be able to receive one.

Anyway, that’s just my idea on bans/mutes. I’m no expert on the topic and I have no experience running a server or being a staff member, so my opinions might not be as informed as a staff member’s or server owner’s.


Problem with this is that the mods or staff who are dealing with this player will have to take the player’s word that they have turned it off. Obviously, they could watch them, but doing it for long periods of time sounds tedious.

Such as entities on minimaps, it gives an unfair advantage but the mod can’t just say “Turn it off” but it doesn’t mean they will.


You are correct, but I can’t see how anything short of a permanent ban would keep a player from abusing the map. I guess that the staff will have to trust the player not to use it again? ._.

I have no idea how to solve it if there isn’t any anti-map system in place to prevent that mod from being used…


Minimap is allowed but if it shows entities like players or mobs, you aren’t allowed to use it.