What is your favourite person on this server and why?


and ME right??? :DDDDDD


Favorite admin, not person :’)


You’re my favorite vegetal @Kyle :wink:


@Kyle is also my favorite person, I love filling his inventory with useless items :smiley:


I see how it is then…


No pls big fna :heart: :new_zealand:


@Chad of course who doesn’t love Chad

Cough:Pssst give me items:cough


No I am not that greedy it’s a joke people


TinyNarwhal, he is only the biggest qt alive :^)


@Karluu is mah man what can I say yeh


My Favorite Person On The Server Is @Chad cause hes the one who got me started


I //undo that I said @Sudcliff is my favourite. @Risin is obviously my favourite player on the server.


My favorite is me cause I have to be someones favorite :slight_smile:


If I had to choose a favorite other then me, then I would pick @kelsayyy because she is a nice person to everyone and is a cool person :smile:


Well I personally think she is a cool person :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like tagging @Chad for no reason


@Sudcliff Definitely not a favorite, but a good goat.