What is your favourite person on this server and why?


My favourite person is Sunshine093003 because well she is my girlfriend.


My favourite person are my whole server because i have no beef with anyone


My favorite person on the server isn’t @Sudcliff or @Reper516 but @Chad is dad so not him either my favorite person is Risin :heart:


My favorite person on the server is easily Carmellatte, but @Vexell is a good shout too.


My favourite person is the one and only @Karluu, the plebiest player of us all @Risin, our Community Minion @Chad, the grammatic police officer @Stephen and @Reper516 joined this Squad recently.

Hm… that’s more than just one Person… Oh, and I was kidding. My favourite person on the server is me of course. :drooling_face:


My Favourite persons on server are @dylansmission @FMCCC @Vexell @Sudcliff @Chad


I don’t like anyone at all


@Sudcliff is my fave, obviously. MUUUUUUN!!!


My favorite people right now are @Papa_Chad and @TrulyBroken because they helped me out! c: Thanks again for that!


My favorite person is Fayine


Pro Miner 07? Is that you


You know it says his name if you click on his picture right? His ign is MasterXplayz lmao.


Uh, mine is that @Gigavern guy, seems pretty cool.


@Kyle of course. 10/10 - has great humor.


Even me? :eyes::heart: lol I feel loved


My fav person is pro miner cus he’s a god xD


@BlameBert and @Reeses as we fall off cliffs in the Open Seas together :joy:


:frowning: how rude am gonna be sad now


Oh okay cool thanks :tomato:


That’s my favorite thing to do on the server :heart_eyes: @Usefulness

My favorite people would have to be @Karluu, of course. Who doesn’t love Karl?
@Usefulness and @BlameBert for helping a newbie out and being pals.
and @Chad, even though he drives on the wrong side of the road and car :sunglasses: