What do you players want to see coming to Uncharted?


agreed with u honestly


they were buffed so they weren’t to op


I have a idea about the soul shields @Dacol what if you have to purchase one after every life like I think you might have said. So while having one active it will only be used for one life instead of many. So once you die then you have to buy a new one.


Add more of a storyline to uncharted as most high level players and even some lowered ones like at level 25 will agree that the whole quest line/ story finishes abruptly other then the really grindy quests I know it’s important to add more content and all but it would be nice to get a dedicated update or maybe a segmented 2 part update to continue the mid game storyline :grinning:


Personally, I would like to see a raid system overhaul. I believe only 2 or 3 crews have ever raided and that is kind of sad because all the other players have not been able to experience the raiding system even though the update has been out for quite a bit. The major things that need to be overhauled are the rewards. From the few people that I’ve heard from the raiding rewards are a complete waste of time.

(all of these are per person that participated in the raid)
Reward Ideas
2 legendary chests
1 farming booster
1 spawner chest
3 skill slots
3 restocks
24-hour flight pass (if admiral 50 pearls)
+75 battle points
2 legendary chest
2 kit chests
2 skill slots
2 restocks
+50 battle points
1 legendary chest
1 kit chest
1 restock
1 skill slots
+25 points
1 legendary chest
1 kit chest
1 legendary chest
+10 battle points
1 kit chest
-25 battle points

Above is a rough idea of what the rewards should be. They might be too much or too less depending on what position you are in, but they are better than what exists now. Another main problem with raiding is the matchmaking system. At this point Fragments are only used for collections. A possible solution to this is every week each crew gets 1-3 raid. Depending on the battle points of crew you go into matchmaking with a crew with a similar rating. Then there could be ally battles where 3 allies of one crew and 3 allies of another crew all raid each other in a 4v4 battle for a week or so and the side with the highest damage done on all islands combined wins.


I would rather not have crew islands be raided like that, you should have the system by getting crew frags like it already has now. Especially when events such as crew builds come out like now. So I would be against it.


I just want a tonne of new quests, nothing else. I just like working towards quest grinding, ever since my runescape days xD


The server needs more challenging to do for powerful players, like what Walking was saying about dungeons, and how Jooofle said it’s really just grinding now when your high leveled.


Agreed with ya Zach ,


I would like to see crews have more to them, especially raiding. I’m just going to list some ideas.

  1. You should be able to make a custom boat, such as changing how the sails look and other small things. Would be cool and it would represent your crew.

  2. Add-on to what I said up there, would be instead of spawning on a stone platform when you raid a crew, it should be your crew’s boat. This would act like a your shop actually sailed there.

  3. When you get the complete map of a crew you want to raid, it should take 10-30 minutes for you to actually get to the opposing crew. This would be more realistic. And to have the shop sail, you would need the Mariner to sail the ship to the opposing crew.

  4. Soul shields to not be able to used in battles (The Defenders)

  5. Crew raising should have a more reason to raid. The only purpose right now is kills and loot from the island. I think the crew islands should have big treasure chests, made by default, that have special pirate goodies that you can earn. The Defenders of the crew can not see what is in the chest, but if the attackers get this chest, the defender’s crew would have had stuff happen to them, like higher chances of gems failings, higher costs of items, etc. The crews would most likely defend these chests.

  6. Crew leaders should have only 1 time to own a crew, if they reset to make another one, they wouldn’t be able to. cough cough WMC

  7. When attacking another crew, medals should good HUGE rewards. Getting 4 fragments and staying alive from the defender’s should have a god reward. This could go from items, to gold, to pearls, kits, chests, etc; and the all crew members who attended the raid would get the same rewards.

  8. An enchant for a higher chance of someone dropping crew map fragments would be great, highest is a 40% chance of dropping a fragment.

Now, something that is different from crews, I’ve thought of dwarf minions.

With these, what do they do? These minions are hired by you to do tasks from mining to building cactus farms for you. Depending on the job, depends on the fees. You can get these minions accessible from doing a quest assigned by the Carpenter. The Carpenter also has a bigger use now! You could use it to customize your island’s ship. At the atart, you have 1 minion to build. You can get more by paying gold or pearls for more from the carpenter.

And that isn’t it, you can level up the minions, just like you would with spawners. The higher level, the more faster and efficient. But after that, still not isn’t it. You got to give minions good and supplies to build or mine. From tools, food, and blocks.

Hope you like my ideas



Amazing suggestion <3


I’ve considered returning for a long time, how is the server now?


Pretty dead and not much change.


Very agreed. I don’t even play as much nowadays.


It’s drier than the Sahara desert.


I would love it if we could build on the spawn boat on the crew islands and on our own personal islands. Currently, my crew’s boat on our crew island is… decimated. It would be nice to be able to repair the boat and add some more blocks to it :smiley:

Also, it would be nice to make the different types of TNT not explode as soon as you place them… kinda wanted to use the TNT as a trap… oh well…


You can edit everything during a raid. It’s easy to get an alt to raid your main and change the boat that way.


That’s cheaty and cheap🙍


May be, but it’s the only way to do it.


True you are on smart pickle