What do you players want to see coming to Uncharted?



Tell me guys, what would you like to see coming to Uncharted? I want to see some neat content suggestions and ideas for changes on the server!



A suggestion area on the forums. Oh wait…


Bad players. oh wait… qvik still plays sometimes


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I would love to see non-p2w players on the server sorry karl and vex. i would also like to see some actual good progress on this sever, stop getting trash big youtubers. try get a small good youtubers. also just more stuff to do that players with high bal and reasonable level can do. like rn, all i do is grind xp. kinda boring


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If you have suggestions for these things – we’re always listening!


@Jooofle, make a list of content you wanna see coming. :wink:


So besides a few Havoc members complaining a bit…I would personally love to see dungeons come to this server. I know there has been talk of them but it hasn’t really happened yet. For me dungeons could be something to where other players can actually work together in instead of against which I feel like this server needs. Also the pirate market as well, when the are was first released everyone though it would be cool to have so people can actually sell stuff now. Yes the auction house is a thing now but instead of having the pirate market as “coming soon” like it has been I think that should be added. To me though I would be mostly interested in dungeons, I think if those were added then some players might come back. Just make sure you get good loot of course from the dungeons instead of eh loot.


Me and Moon have been giving the devs a few dungeon ideas, might be a thing in the future. :smiley:


Some great content suggestion would be adding more blocks to the NPCs


Remove purchasing soul shields or make it 1 life then 5 lives then 10 lives cause thats why all people do is afk or build cause most people go in pvp with soul shield so there is no profit from going since chests arent good now too


I like the soul shields myself, but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:


And alot of players want to fix pvp abit maybe just fix life steal and make it an amount of hits then you get life steal but make it random how many lives it steals and add legendarys for t2 chests but make it like every 10 chests you get a legendary


I mean you would see the problem in team g set fights cause you cant just be fighting for like 15 mins to get like 2 frags


I understand where you are coming from, but at the same time soul shields help players as well. Since they were added people aren’t as afraid to go into the open seas and lose their best gear/weps. Which would cause most people to rage quit and leave the server afterwards.


Then there is just no point going pvp so they will buy a soul shield then dont find any1 cause every1 doesnt want to go pvp cause it is useless


When pvping you are able to still get the loot that they collected, or if they are in a crew then possibly crew frags as you mentioned.


Oh another thing they should add to the server @Karluu is fixing the headless skill so players can go hunt some heads in the warzone


Ik but it is like useless since chests are pretty hard to get good stuff from now