What do you mean by high chance of success?


The enchanting gems say that it has a high chance to work successfully. My calculations prove that this fact is BS. I had 10 gems and only 3 of them managed to apply on armor. This has happen multiple times. Is this a glitch? If not, get rid of “Gem has [High] chance to work successfully” because this seems to be untrue…


Not 3 i meant 5 applied but most of them failed at least once…


Your luck must be really bad then. I had ~12 in a row apply with no problem.


High success chance reflects a chance of 70 - 90%.

The other possibilities are:

  • Very High: >90%
  • High: 70 - 90%
  • Medium: 50 - 70%
  • Low: 30 - 50%
  • Very Low: < 30%


Are there Very Low, Low, Medium possibilities. If so I haven’t seen them


Turqmelon how do the chances of a regular skill gem add up which say :
chance to be applied succesfully:High (70-90%)
chance for gem to self destruct: low (30-50%)
If u woud have said that high is 70-50% and low 30-50% that would have made sence as in, that is what the skill gem description seems to tell u.
With what u said now i think that there is some medium between being destroyed and being applied.
If so, i today tried to apply a gem on a tool and it kept saying 4 times that i had to try again or use it on another tool. It said this in an orange text. The fifth time it applied succesfully.

Please Turqmelon clear this up.


If the gem didn’t get destroyed, and it also didn’t apply, that results in the failure of the orange text. A destruction completely removes the gem.


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