Welcome to the world of Uncharted!


Greetings, Pirates!

Welcome to the brand new world of Uncharted. Uncharted is a skyblock experience like no other. Legend has it that across the vast oceans of the world there are still thousands of uninhabited islands full of evil and mystery. Most of these remain Uncharted. On these mysterious islands and in the cursed waters that surround them, you will discover unusual sea creatures, immense obstacles, and ancient runes. Are you up to the challenge? You will discover treasure untold, enough to live like royalty the rest of your days if you are daring enough to find it and carry it off! But first, you have to assemble a crew of the scurviest swashbucklers ever to sail the Seven Seas. Bring together the strongest, the most cunning, and the bravest of your friends. Board your ship, and journey the raging seas. None can say what you will discover in Uncharted, but BEWARE… Here there be monsters!

Who’s behind the project?

Uncharted is developed and managed by Melon Development, the same team that brought you many other servers. The primary team consists of:

  • Devon (@Turqmelon) - Game Development & Design
  • JP (@Rhonim) - Backend Development & Architecture
  • Kyle (@Kyle) - Marketing and Graphics
  • Char (@Char) - Community Management

What kind of content can we expect?

As you’ve come to know with our team, you can expect regular content updates and many community events. We even have our own Discord server that you can join and be a part of!

How do I play?

Uncharted launches for everyone to play on Friday, June 8th! You can read the details of how to play right here!


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