Welcome back Uncharted!


Uncharted is FINALLY coming back thanks to Kythria!

I would just like to say a welcome back to all old-timers and a welcome to all the newcomers. Personally cannot wait for the new release and have high hopes for what this team can accomplish. Down below it would be amazing to see people commenting their favourite and most hated things about Uncharted before it closed!
Happy sailing everyone





At long last, it’s coming back. You should make Kyle make more promises, they tend to work out great.



I would say my favorite thing was the events they did such as the Halloween one. It was fun to have the warzone become more active and almost have a teamwork system when people just wanted to grind pumpkins. The main thing I hated was that when I was above level 100 I had no rewards to claim so it was almost pointless to keep leveling up even though I still did it lol.



It would be nice if I can keep my 60k pearls. Before the release day we should have a day to look back at our own islands and have a memory. That would be nice. But welcome back.



I would love to agree with you about the pearls but there’s too big of an advantage that lies in the reimbursement of pearls to people like you and Karl who can instantly then max out all of your kits again and start off with god.



We might be able to look into something like this :thinking:



If all bought pearls would be added back to my balance, I’d have more than 250 thousand pearls. I can see how that would be unfair but I’ve still paid for them and they’re all gone due to a reset so it’s unfair in some way either way. If we only keep the kits from what I’ve bought with pearls that means I have spent 2 thousand dollars and are keeping maybe 200 dollar worth of stuff. Please take this into consideration, @Bert. :smiley:

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Agreed, keeping the ranks along with the kits with their levels would make me feel better



I agree with you Curse.




Ohey, we’re finally gettin’ back in season.

Well, I’ll explore my own two cents on the matter, I guess.

First and foremost, there’s the issue of those that have spent much on the server. I think anybody who’s taken part in my Sunken Key sales knows I’ve done quite a few things as far as paying for stuff goes. Plenty of Pearls, perma-fly, Captain rank…a ton of stuff! While I don’t see complete compensation being fair, I do think those that have spent a large amount on the server in the past should receive some sort of boost as a thank you for their support, be it pearls, extra gold, or whatever else the dev team can think of. The potential ability to help beta test might be a good idea.

Secondly: can we confirm if the updates this time will be weekly or otherwise? Because I honestly believe that monthly updates might actually be better for Uncharted in particular. The weekly updates tended to have a lot of issues at times, *Proximity Guardian bug reports intensify*, and quite frankly I feel like this might give the team more time to iron out the content for an update, make sure it’s running smoothly, etc.

…you’d think I’d have more to say given how often I played on here, but meh. It’s been a while since the place went down. Oh well. That’s all I’ve got for now, tune in next time for potential additions to my ramblings.

Until next time,



Hello how is everyone doin

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Doing great, super excited to see UC being brought back by some awesome peeps. Woooo!



The level up system was my favorite thing. I also love the open seas and how the custom after death scene is setup!



Never really got in to it cus i kept dying but tbh im quite excited!