Update 1.15 - Let's go Fishing!


Yeah, yeah… an ocean-themed server without any fishing. The jokes can end now!

I’m super excited to finally release FISHING as one of the new passive PVE ways to earn loot, treasure, and more! We’ve made some pretty exciting adjustments to how it would work normally, and we hope you like it.

Let’s Go Fishing! :fish:

All normal fishing rods work with the new fishing mechanics, you don’t need anything special! You can either craft a rod using string or buy one from the Trading Post, then find any body of water to get started!

Catching FIsh :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Fishing is very similar to how normal Minecraft works - toss your rod out into the water and wait to catch a bite, shown by particles swimming up to your bobber. When you catch a fish, right click to reel it back in and try to get your loot!


To get your loot, click on any of the blue water tiles. You have 4 clicks per cast when you find something, visualized by the fishing rods across the top of the interface. Each time you click on a tile, you have a chance to uncover nothing, sea junk, or a treasure!

You have 15 seconds to use your 4 clicks, so AFK fishing or going too slowly will lose you out on any rewards!

Best Ways to Catch :sailboat:

Fishing mechanics vary based on where you’re doing it.

  • When you cast your rod, it can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 45 seconds to get a bite
  • If you’re fishing anywhere that isn’t open to the sky, your wait time will be doubled
  • If it’s raining where you’re fishing, you’ll catch a bite a bit quicker

Best Places to Catch :desert_island:

Where you fish in Uncharted also determines what you can find from the waters.

  • Go fishing from Port Nolem or Islands for chances to get building blocks, basic tools and armor, or unidentified items
  • Go fishing from anywhere PVP from the Open Seas to gain the chance of receiving Treasure Loot
  • Go fishing from Enchanted Fishing Spots to receive higher quality treasure loot and Undead Kit Items

Enchanted Fishing Spots :sparkles:

Around the Open Seas, you’ll find Enchanted Fishing Spots. These areas are represented by a pink particle effect aura and a timer on your hotbar when you enter them. Enchanted Fishing Spots yield higher quality loot when fishing when you’re standing within them. These spots move pretty frequently, and only last for about 5 minutes when they spawn in, so always have your rod handy!

New Skills :open_book:

We’ve added 2 new skills related to fishing this week, as well!

Improved Bait :tropical_fish:

Increases the chance of finding an item when you click on a Water Tile in the fishing minigame. Max Level: 5

Sea Booty :moneybag:

Increases the chance of finding higher quality items, as opposed to junk when fishing. Max Level: 5

Both of these skills can be accessed from the Misc category of your /skills menu.

Book of Renaming :books:

Items in Uncharted can now be officially renamed! You can purchase a Book of Renaming from the Plunderer merchant for just 60 Pearls!

When you have the book, Right-Click with it in your hand, then type the name you’d like into chat to set what you want it to be. Then, just drag and drop the book onto any weapon, tool, or armor piece!

Name Colors :paintbrush:

You can change the color of any name on a book of renaming using dye! Just drag and drop any dye color onto the book to recolor it!

Items that are renamed will show a “Renamed” label as part of the lore, to keep them distinct from genuine items.

Pearl Promotion :shopping_cart:

For just this weekend, enjoy the following in-game promotions:

  • 15% OFF all undead kit unlocks!
  • 10% OFF all undead kit boosts!

This pearl promotion expires Sunday night at 11:59PM EST!

Other Notable Changes :memo:

  • You can now preview the contents of rank crates! Just sneak when right clicking them to open the preview window. :eyes:
  • /skills can now be properly used from Crew Islands :white_check_mark:
  • Armor Stands, Paintings, and Item Frames can no longer be placed within island spawn areas :framed_picture:
  • Other bugfixes and adjustments :wrench: