Update 1.15.4 - Double XP Weekend, Cursed Chests, +more


Welcome to patch 1.15.4! As requested, we’re making blood moons more valuable with a new rare drop that can occur from them! We’re also running our first DOUBLE XP WEEKEND combined with a handful of othe balance changes and adjustments.

:sparkles: DOUBLE XP WEEKEND :sparkles:

Until Sunday, we’ve doubled XP drops across the world of Uncharted!

  • Quest XP is doubled, from when you complete quests! This will stack with other active Quest XP Boosters!
  • The Wizard is feeling extra generous, and has doubled your normal purchase limit!
  • Mobs will all drop double the usual amount of enchanting XP - this will work when combined with other skill gems!
  • Spawners will passively gain double XP, making level ups even faster! This also means the Spawner XP bottles are twice as effective!

This surge of XP ends on Monday, so enjoy it while you can!

:skull: Cursed Chests :skull:

Cursed Chests are a new potential drops from monsters killed during a Blood Moon. If you find one, place it down on your island to begin a fight against a horde of monsters! This undead swarm protects the treasure within, and when you complete it, will yield loot well worth the effort!

Potential Monsters summoned by a Cursed Chest :zombie:

  • Creepers
  • Spiders
  • TNT carrying zombies
  • Block-stealing Skeletons

Potential Loot :money_with_wings:

  • Guaranteed Legendary Chests
  • Kit Crates
  • Spawner Chests

Discovery :mag:

  • Rare drop when killing monsters during a Blood Moon
  • Legendary Treasure Chest loot

:open_book: New Quest: Curse of the Chest :open_book:

This new quest will help benefit you even more from finding your first Cursed Chest! Just speak to the Groundskeepr in the graveyard once you reach Level 15 or higher.

:ocean: The Shadow Sea Festival has come to an end! :ocean:

As the residents of Port Nolem are wrapping up their festivities, you’ll begin to see Port Nolem revert to what it once was. The last of the pumplings have vanished and the evil spirits lurking around are nowhere to be seen. Are you lucky enough to have acquired the rare Shadowstep gear?

:wrench: Other Notable Changes :wrench:

  • Players will now be sent to spawn if they leave or are kicked from a crew, regardless of what crew island they’re on
  • Crew islands are no longer accessible to you if another crew you’re not allied with is present
  • Buying back items for pearls can no longer happen if you’ve already bought back everything
  • Adjusted mechanics related to Skill Gems that could cause them to trigger more times than intended.