Update 1.15.1 - Demon Undead Kit, 6 New Quests, +more!


We hope you’re all enjoying the Shadow Sea Festival, pirates!

We made the choice to roll out the halloween event for Uncharted earlier this week – in case you missed it, check out the post below!

Patch 1.15.1 expands on the content we released on Wednesday, as well as brings along a few other changes and adjustments to the game. Let’s jump into it!


THE DEMONS RISE! :smiling_imp:

The Demon has made its way from the depths of the ocean with loot never seen before by mere mortal eyes.

This is our first limited edition Undead Kit, and it’s only available until the Shadow Sea Festival ends!

/ukit Demon :gift:

The Demon undead kit grants another source for the exclusive skills and loot of West Nolem. If you don’t have time to farm pumpling seeds, or want another way to build your collection - this kit is for you.

Level 10 Contents

  • Dark Energy Helm: Spike +8, Shadowstep, Brittle Curse, Vanishing Curse
  • Dark Energy Chest: Ranged Endurance +8, Shadowstep, Brittle Curse, Vanishing Curse
  • Dark Energy Legs: Melee Endurance +8, Shadowstep, Brittle Curse, Vanishing Curse
  • Dark Energy Boots: Gravity Endurance +8, Shadowstep, Brittle Curse, Vanishing Curse
  • Demonic Broadsword: Ignite +9, Charge +4, Blast +8
  • Demonic Land-Splitter: Boom +9, Smelt +4, Vein +9
  • IMPERFECT Shadowstep Skill Gem
  • 2x Spectral Potion
  • 2x Jack-O-Death
  • 64x Web
  • 32x Hay Bale
  • 3x Immunity Spirit
  • 2x Hyper Lingering Health Potion
  • 2x Stamina Potion
  • 3x Recall Elixir
  • 3x Ender Pearl

You can unlock the new Demon Undead Kit for 2,500 Pearls from the NPC in Port Nolem! … but that’s not all, we also have 2 LIMITED-TIME PROMOTIONS also going live with this kit release!


The Max Demon Kit promotion includes an unlock for the new Demon Undead Kit, 100,000 Gold, and an instant boost for this kit to max level, Level 10!

This promotion can be purchased from the unlock menu - but be fast, as this limited time deal expires Sunday at 11:59pm EST!

GOLD DEMON KIT PROMOTION! :money_with_wings:

The Gold Demon Kit promotion includes an unlock for the new Demon Undead Kit and 100,000 Gold. This promotion, like the previous is also limited time. It’s available until Wednesday at 11:59pm EST.

Both of these promotions are designed to benefit our amazing loyal players. Thank you for your support!


DEMON IS A LIMITED TIME KIT! :mantelpiece_clock:

Due to the unstable nature of these items, it is ONLY acquirable until the end of the Shadow Sea Festival! Once the festival is over, those that own it will be able to continue to summon it as normal, but future unlocks will not be possible.

Limited Time Quests! :open_book:

We’ve added 6 new quests to the game for the Shadow Sea Festival:

  • A Spooky Treat
  • Who You Gonna Call?
  • Haunting the Seas
  • Back to the Grave
  • Town Decoration
  • Sticky Surprise

Like the Demon kit, these quests are limited time and will be gone at the end of the festival!

New Quest Look & Feel :paintbrush:

We’ve redesigned how some chat prompts look when doing quests. We hope this makes the prompts more noticable, and also more clear as to what your task is.


Looking for more? :jack_o_lantern:

The Shadow Sea festival released this week, with tons of new content, things to do, and bugfixes! Be sure to check out our announcement post from Wednesday for more!

Happy sailing, pirates!

1.15.2 - Blood Moons, Squid Spawners, Balances and Adjustments!