Update 1.14 - Intro to West Nolem, Gem Crafting, Purifying, and Crushing!


Update 1.14 is live!

It’s finally here, the first expansion to the mysterious WEST NOLEM! Way back in August, we gave you guys, the community, a choice between whether Crew Battles or West Nolem should come first - but that doesn’t mean we weren’t going to do both!

This excited patch will make it easier then ever to make use out of old gems you no longer care for, create the gems you want, and improve the success chances of low quality gems.

Enough intro, let’s start on what’s new!


We’ve added a few new quests to the game that’ll give you access to the ominous West Nolem. Once you reach Level 20, speak to the Mariner by the docks to get started.

West Nolem includes the entire second half of the spawn island, previously inaccessible to players. While for now we’ve only expanded to the caves by the Trading Post, you can expect some more docks to be added in the near future…

With the West Nolem expansion, we’d also like to introduce 3 new NPCs that’ll be invlauable to your travels in the world.


Smasher will happily take your skill gems that you don’t have a use for and grind them into dust! Gem Dust that is!! This new resource can be used to enhance and create new gems from skills that you want, in exchange for the ones that you don’t!


The purifier will take your Broken, Flawed, Imperfect, and Polished skills gems and improve their quality in exchange for Gem Dust and Gold. The more dust you provide to the Purifier, the more improvement you’ll see on your provided gem. The scale along the left side of the Purifier interface will tell you the required dust and gold needed to get to each of the gem tiers.


The Gemologist has appeared near the Trading Post! This expert is always identifying the raw breakdowns that create the gems that you use everyday. He sells a variety of tools that you can use for your crafting and purifying, s well as recipe books.

Gem Dust

The same Gem Dust that you can get from dusting your Skill Gems can be received for 900 gold/ea from the Gemologist. This is a pretty steep markup, so it’s much more efficient to just dust the gems yourself!

Empty Skill Gems

Previously only discoverable in the Open Seas, these Empty Skill Gems once only served a purpose for pulling skills off of your existing gear. Now they can be used as a base for crafting new skill gems as well.

Dust Pouches

For those players that like to carry and store a lot of Gem Dust, Dust Pouches are your best friend! They can store up to 500 of each type of dust in one easy slot. Just click gem dust onto it to store it, and Shift-Click on it to retrieve your items out of it.

Recipe Books

Recipe Books are required to craft skills gems. You only need to learn a Skill Gem recipe once!
The selection of recipe books available as well as the pricing of each recipe sold by the Gemologist will cycle twice a day, so always be on the look out if you’re looking for something specific!


Skill Gems can now be crafted from your /skills menu. To begin crafting, click on the Skill you want to craft (like you’d previously do to upgrade it), then select the Recipe book at the bottom right corner. In order to craft a skill gem, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • You must have learned the recipe. (One recipe book allows you to craft a gem an unlimited amount of times.)
  • The skill whose gem you’re trying to craft must be levelled up at least half way. (Level 10 skills must be at least Level 5, Level 5 skills level 2, etc.)

Once those requirements are set, clicking the book will open the Gem Crafting Interface. From there, you just need to supply a Empty Skill Gem and 500 Gem Dust to receive your new gem!

Crafted gems will have randomized qualities, just like when you identify an Unidentified Skill Gem. Remember, you can always purify it with the Purifier!

Other Notable Changes

  • 3 new quests added to the game (these are pretty long ones!)
  • Using TNT in raids will now count the damage dealt to the player who ignited the TNT
  • Recall Elixir can now only be used in the Open Seas
  • Haunted items quest will now function as intended
  • Guests can no longer manipulate or take things from Armor Stands
  • More adjustments to some crew islands that may act iffy
  • Other adjustments and performance fixes