Update 1.13 - Raider Kit, New TNT, New Quests, Gem Qualities, +more!


Ahoy, Pirates!

We’re back with another update – one that sets the stage for some of the mechanics to come in West Nolem, QOL improvements, and a new undead kit! Let’s jump right into things, as always!


The Raider has been joining crews for battles for nearly his entire pirate career. This agressive NPC has brought with them some new TNT types that’ll surely cause your enemies to tremble in fear.

/ukit Raider

The Raider Undead Kit is more raid-focused with some awesome tools to defend and attack your foes.


Level 10 Contents

  • 10x Incendiary TNT
  • 10x Shrapnel TNT
  • 10x Toxic TNT
  • 10x Pulverizer TNT
  • 32x Standard TNT
  • 32x Obsidian
  • 64x Redstone
  • 1x 100x100 Proximity Guardian
  • 1x Pure Blast Skill Gem
  • 2x Shocker Triggers
  • 2x Proximity Mines
  • 2x Jack-O-Death Triggers
  • 2x Sky Cannons
  • 2x Atlantis Triggers
  • 2x Repellers
  • 1x Diamond Helmet with Melee Endurance +8
  • 1x Diamond Chestplate with Elemental Endurance +8
  • 1x Diamond Leggings with Combustion Endurance +8
  • 1x DIamond Boots with Gravity Endurance +8
  • 1x Diamond Pickaxe with Brisk +5, Boom +8
  • 1x Diamond Sword with Blast +8, Shock +8

You can unlock the Raider Kit& by speaking to him in the spawn of Port Nolem for 2,500 Pearls!

… but that’s not all. We also have 2 LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONS also going live with this kit release!


The Max Raider Kit promotion includes an unlock for the new Raider Undead Kit, 100,000 Gold, and an instant boost for this kit to max level, Level 10!

This promotion can be purchased from the unlock menu - but be fast, as this limited time deal expires on Sunday at 11:59pm EST!


The Gold Raider Kit promotion includes an unlock for the new Raider Undead Kit and 100,000 Gold. This promotion, like the previous is also limited time. It’s available until Wednesday at 11:59pm EST.

Both of these promotions are designed to benefit our loyal players. Thanks for your support!


We’ve added 4 new types of TNT to the game. Each with their own crafting recipes, effects, and more. If you don’t want to craft them, they can also now be purchased from the Inventor as long as you’re a member of a crew.

Here’s what we’ve added:


Has triple the explosion radius of standard TNT, ignites instantly when placed, ands causes fire. A quick way to deal massive damage to any island it’s used on!

  • Can be purchased for 370 Gold each
  • Can be crafted with 1x TNT and 2x Blaze Rods

Pulverizer TNT

Blasts away obsidian like it’s butter, with the trade off of not dealing any damage to any other type of blocks. Ignites immediately!

  • Can be purchased for 2,250 Gold each
  • Can be crafted with 9x TNT

Shrapnel TNT

Releases tons of fiery arrows with the explosion, scattering them everywhere! Ignites immediately.

  • Can be purchased for 335 Gold each
  • Can be crafted with 1x TNT, 1x Bow, and 7x Arrow

Toxic TNT

Blinds, poisons, and confuses everyone caught within the blast radius. Ignites immediately.

  • Can be purchased for 1,522 Gold each
  • Can be crafted with 1x TNT, 1x Spider Eye, and 1x Coal Block

New Skill Gem: BLAST

Blast is the ultimate death effect gem. Whenever you kill a player or a mob, they have a chance to drop a primed TNT where they died! Careful, the damage can affect you too!

Chance to drop, explosion size, and whether or not it can cause fire is determined by your /skill level.

Custom Crew Permissions

Crew Captains now have more fine-grained control over their crews. Type /crew permissions to adjust who can do what within your crew! We recommend the defaults we have, but now you can change almost anything. We’ll be adding more options to this menu as time goes on.

Gem Purity

We’ve made some major adjustments to skill gems this week - they now have varying success and destruction chances! In various kits, chests, and more you’ll notice the variation:

  • Broken gems have a Very Low chance to apply successfully
  • Flawed gems have a Low chance to apply successfully
  • Imperfect gems have a Medium chance to apply successfully
  • Polished gems have a High chance to apply successfully
  • Pure gems have a Very High chance to apply successfully.

This this adjustment, Unidentified Gems will no longer transform into Curse Gems, they’ll instead transform into gems of varying quality. Gems acquired prior to this update will automatically convert to Polished gems the next time they’re used in an Anvil.


New Quests!

We’re excited to add some new quests to the game, as well:

  • Polishing Gems
  • Raiding for Dummies
  • Raid Tactics
  • Raiding Rampage
  • Raid Experts
  • Explosive Times
  • Across the World

You can view details on these quests from your /q undiscovered menu.

Other Notable Features

  • When gem application fails in an anvil, the gem quality now has a chance to take a small hit.
  • Proximity Guardians can no longer be placed within spawn
  • Island value calculations no longer count spawn
  • Adjusted some medal requirements - it should be easier to acquire lower medals now (went out earlier this week)
  • Fixed incorrect language for Intuition and Insight referencing their old, un-nerfed values
  • Slightly reduced costs for purchasing skills for higher leveled players
  • Adjusted logic for talent rune spawning
  • Added some new various checks for trigger blocks
  • Apply a (hopeful) fix to reduce the amount of people stuck via pearling
  • Headless will no longer trigger on self
  • Added additional Guest restrictions
  • Other bugfixes and optimizations

That’s everything! We hope you guys enjoy!

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