Uncharted Update 1.1


Welcome to the first Uncharted Content Update!

I’m going to preface this by saying that these will NOT always be weekly. We think it’s very important to roll out many of these features to you guys now to ensure a continued smooth play experience, but we believe in quality updates over quantity. Neverhteless, let’s jump right in!

Update Summary

This is a large one. Here’s a brief summary of what’s new. If you want details, read on!

  • Introduction of Boosters, sold by Boost in the Trading Post
  • 5 New Quests
  • Lock your containers on island with /lock!
  • New “Sea Gems”, the first 2 modifiers of the Open Seas
  • Adjusted Shop Pricing
  • New Donor perks, including flight in spawn for Admiral rank!
  • New uses for Pearls!
  • Our first Undead Kit: Buccaneer!
  • New Skill Gem: Burial
  • New Skill Tree: Treasure Hunter
  • Teleport randomly into the Open Seas
  • New Open Seas items
  • …much more!

Treasure Restock Passes & Treasure Trackers

These two items will be guaranteed to make the Open Seas even more active!

Treasure Tracker

When held, the Treasure Tracker will point you to the nearest chest, ready to be taken! This magical device has an unlimited range and can target chests of any tier. This EPIC item can be found in Treasure Loot or obtained from the Buccaneer Undead Kit, as discussed later!

Treasure Restock Pass

The Treasure Restock Pass will instantly respawn every single chest in the Open Seas, making them ready to claim once more! Upon usage, the entire server will be alerted to the restock, so be quick and make sure to use when when you can take the most advantage! This LEGENDARY item can be found in Treasure Loot, purchased from the Plunderer in the Trading Post, or obtained from the Buccaneer Undead Kit.

Random Drop-Off

Spawn camping is a thing of the past! You can now pay a small bribe of 100 Gold to the Captain prior to sailing into the Open Seas. This will cause you to be dropped off at a completely random location, far from a dock! Careful though… it might involve more swimming then you’re ready for.


First Undead Kit: Buccaneer

The Buccaneer joins the Uncharted universe as our first Undead kit!

Meet the Buccaneer

The Buccaneer is a long-time Treasure Hunter. His skills and abilities rival all the rest in the Open Seas, and he discovers the best of the best time and time again. Now, it’s time for you to benefit from his wisdom…

Level 10 Contents

  • 1x Treasure Chest Restock Pass
  • 1x Treasure Tracker
  • 3x Tier 1 Treasure Chest
  • 2x Tier 2 Treasure Chest
  • 1x Tier 3 Treasure Chest
  • 1x Tier 4 Treasure Chest
  • 1x Tier 5 Treasure Chest
  • Full Iron Armor
  • Iron Sword
  • Diamond Shovel with Burial (Rune Boost: 4)
  • Skill Gem: Burial
  • 64x Steak
  • 2x Recall Potions
  • 2x Immunity Spirits

This Undead Kit is made for those that want to be the ultimate Treasure Hunters. Your starting level when you unlock the kit is not guarenteed to be Level 10.

What’s an Undead kit?

An undead kit is just like a normal kit, except that it gets better the more you use it! Every single time you summon an undead kit, it gains a little bit of Kit XP. On level up, the contents within will improve. You can also boost the Kit XP without summoning it, and instead by using Pearls if you wish. With enough Kit XP, it’ll level into the ultimate Level 10 form!

On unlock…

When you unlock an Undead Kit, you’ll gain a random amount of XP and your kit will be pre-powered up to a certain level (up to the potential Level 10!).

Get it now!

Speak to the Buccaneer in Port Nolem for details on his loot, as well as 2 free quests for obtaining your very own Burial shovel!

Every time you summon it, it’ll get better and better, up to the ultimate contents of Level 10!

Burial Skill Gem & Treasure Hunter Skill

Burial has been added as a potential gem throughout the world of Uncharted. When a tool is empowered with it, you have a chance to find ores just by digging! The chance gets better and better as you level it up…

Get Treasure Hunting!

Container Locks

Keep the theft away, container locks are here to stay! Players who are Veteran and up can now lock containers on islands: Chests, Trapped Chests, Furnaces, Droppers, Dispensers, and Hoppers. Locks will make the container they’re used on completely invulnerable to environmental damage, as well as prevent unwanted access by those that shouldn’t be using it.

Private Locks

Private locks prevent anybody that you don’t give access to, or who has at least the set rank, from accessing your lock. Look at a container and type /lock private to privately lock it.
Once a private lock is set, you can use the following commands:

  • /lock addplayer <player> to allow another player to use your container
  • /lock removeplayer <player> to remove a player from the allow list for your container
  • /lock rank <rank> to change the required island rank for this container (options: Veteran, Officer, or Owner.)

Password Locks

Password locks don’t require you to maintain an access list. Instead, players wanting to use the container simply must know the correct password. Type /lock password <password> while looking at a container to lock it with a password. Players that want to open your locked container will then use /cpassword <password> before right clicking it.

Public Locks

Public locks won’t keep anybody out of your stuff, but they’re great for preventing your container from being destroyed accidentally. When a public lock is used, anybody will still be able to open and use it, but it will not be breakable by anybody who doesn’t have the required rank, or by explosions. Type /lock public while looking at a container to lock it publicly.

The amount of containers that can be locked on an island at once is determined by your rank:

  • [Pirate] rank: No lockable containers
  • [Privateer] rank: 5 lockable containers
  • [Captain] rank: 15 lockable containers
  • [Admiral] rank: 30 lockable containers

Only the owner of the island needs the rank for the rest of the island to benefit! You can type /lock limits to view your limit and used container locks at any time.

Sea Gems

Sea Gems are global modifiers to the Open Seas, causing either chaos or peace. It’s up to you…

Calm Sea Gem

The Calm Sea Gem will globally make the Open Seas a more peaceful place to be. For as long as it’s active, all damage inflicted will be cut in half! You can acquire this gem from the Sea Keeper vendor (discussed below), or as an EPIC loot item!

Raging Sea Gem

The Raging Sea Gem is for those that want to make things even more chaotic. When activated, all damage within the Open Seas will be DOUBLED until it expires! We’ll make sure everyone is informed of the chaos by a red screen tint while they’re within the Open Seas. You can acquire this gem from the Sea Keeper vendor (discussed below), or as an EPIC loot item!

Gem Neutrality

Pirates are not helpless against the wills of a few. A Sea Gem’s effect can be countered by the opposite, at anytime, and bring things back to normal.

Sea Keeper

The Sea Keeper is the first vendor to reside within the Open Seas. If you don’t want to hunt for Sea Gems yourself, he sells them for a small price of 1,250 Gold. Where is he, though?

Full Changelog

A lot has changed this week, if we didn’t mention it above, we haven’t forgotten:

  • Balanced pearl prices for island templates back to normal pricing. Previous prices were discounted as a thanks to our early players!
  • Captain and Admiral can now resurrect instantly from the ghost ship!
  • Captain and Admiral players can now use [item] in their chat messages (to any public channel!) to show a tooltip of the item that they’re currently holding in their hand
  • Admiral can now fly in Port Nolem!
  • /msg, /r, and /chat can now be used while respawning
  • Lowered price of Ore Essences sold by the Miner, and added the level 2 variants
  • Significantly lowered price of flowers from the Packrat
  • Island rank Veteran is now required to place TNT. (Given by the island owner with /is promote)
  • You can no longer warp to an island if the owner has been banned
  • Increased price fo Recall Potions
  • Added /shop tooltip to the sidebar to better inform players how to acquire pearls
  • Adjusted vine prices
  • Correct an issue that could allow creating a “3-wide” chest with Treasure Chests
  • Corrected an issue that could prevent players from having their Wizard XP limit not fully reset
  • Corrected player kills counting twice for quests
  • Added clarification about island sizes and island borders, for [Pirate] rank players who bought the Tier 4 template
  • Disable fall damage in Port Nolem
  • New Quest: Burial March - Talk to the Buccaneer to start it.
  • New Quest: Stolen Treasure - Complete quest Burial March to start it.
  • New Repeatable Quest: Castle Race - Discover the Skull Mountain Docks, then talk to the Castle Racer to start it.
  • New Repeatable Quest: Skull Island Race - Discover the Parrot Docks, then talk to the Skull Racer to start it.
  • New Repeatable Quest: Parrot Race - Discover the Castle Docks, then talk to the Parrot Racer to start it.
  • Added limits to prevent infinite animals and monsters (sorry :heart: )
  • “Crops” are now referred to as “Wheat” throughout the server
  • /list now groups players by rank
  • /ci now requires confirmation by repeating the command
  • /eat is now an alias to /feed
  • [Captain] can now more quickly navigate the world of Uncharted with a few new commands: /tradingpost to warp to the market, /blackmarket to warp to the services area, and /sea to warp to the Open Sea dock. These commands are not usable from within the Open Seas.
  • Users who make use of the Cosmic Client will now have their combat tag reflected in the client UI.
  • Lots of other behind the scenes tweaks

Thank you all for your support! We’re so happy you enjoy Uncharted, and we can’t wait to keep bringing you more great content!

:heart: The MelonDev Team

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