Uncharted Rules


These rules may be subject to change. While playing on Uncharted you are agreeing to abide by this list of rules and any punishment that follows, should you break them. These rules apply to all services associated with Uncharted.

DDoS & DOX Threats
These threats are taken very seriously and will result in immediate removal from any Uncharted services should you be found making them or acting on them. While we are not responsible for any information shared across our platform the safety of our users is our utmost concern. Any player involved in these activities may contact their appropriate authorities should they feel they’re at risk as a result.

  • What is DDoSing?
    DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems are used to target a single system causing Denial of Service.

  • What is Doxing?
    Gathering private information about an individual and releasing it with malicious intent.

Account Security
All users are responsible for their own Minecraft Accounts and any other accounts across all Uncharted services. Do not under any circumstance share your account details with another user. Regardless of who is in control of your account, any punishments made during that time are final unless they are revoked by an Admin.

Death Threats
Much like DDoSing and Doxing, these threats are taken very seriously. Any user threatening to inflict harm upon another player will be removed from Uncharted with immediate effect. This also includes telling users to harm themselves.

Harassment is behavior which is intended to trouble or annoy someone, for example repeated attacks on them or attempts to cause them problems. This type of behavior regardless of who it is directed to is considered punishable and those found harassing other users will be punished accordingly.

Being disrespectful to others because of their race, age or gender is not tolerated. We are all different and have different beliefs that should be understood and respected. Any form of Racism, Homophobia, Sexism or Religious Slur will be punished accordingly. This includes skins/capes that depict a figure or symbol that promotes discrimination (such as Hitler).

Disrespect & Verbal Abuse
Be careful what you post on the forums, discord server or within in-game chat. Make sure that what you are typing won’t be perceived as rude or hurtful to anyone else. Treat others as you wish to be treated. We will not tolerate users deliberately trying to upset other members of the Uncharted community.

Punishment Evasion
We do not permit the use of alternate accounts to evade existing punishments. Those found to be doing so will be permanently banned on that account with further possible action should they continue to evade their punishment. Please be aware if you have family members or friends playing on the server from the same location their access to the server may be affected too.

Advertising any other form of server domain or IP across Uncharted services is strictly forbidden. Those found advertising will be permanently banned. To be sure we insist you do not post any links that aren’t associated with Uncharted unless you are a VIP with explicit permission to post videos directly relating to the server. If any links posted are found to be harmful to other users you may face permanent removal from the server.

Spam & Excessive Caps
Repetitive posting of the same sentence or excessive use of capital letters is considered spam. Whether the intentions are to annoy other members of the public chat or purely for no reason at all it is not permitted. This also includes excessive use of symbols/characters. Starting “hashtag riots/spam” in chat will also be treated as spam, as they coax players into joining in with the spam. We appreciate you may want to get your point across but our aim is to keep our chat as clean and respectable as possible. Should you be found spamming or excessively using caps/symbols you will be subject to the appropriate punishment.

Should you decide to open a dispute with Paypal regarding purchases from Uncharted you will be permanently banned from our services. The money in question is placed on hold during the ongoing dispute meaning it is directly pulled from our account. If you happen to win the dispute and the money is returned to you, your ban will remain active across all accounts associated with your IP address. Alternatively if you decide to close the dispute and return the money you may regain access to our services.

Abusing Our Appeal or Report System
These systems were put in place for efficiency and to better our players and community. Do not exploit or abuse them for your own personal enjoyment. Anyone found to be using these resources for anything other than their intended purposes will be punished and potentially temporarily removed from accessing them.

Abusing Exploits & Glitches
If an exploit or glitch is found on the server we expect players to come forward with as much information as possible to a Staff Member to help our Developers fix the issue. If you are found to be exploiting a bug or glitch to your advantage you may be permanently banned depending on the severity of the incident.

Discussing Punishments
It is strictly forbidden to discuss any punishment pertaining to the Server, Discord or Forums across any of these platforms. If you believe you have been wrongfully punished or wish to appeal a long standing ban you may do so via our appeals section on the forums. Do not ask Staff members to read your appeal or harass them regarding your punishment or you will be further punished and potentially muted.

Unfair Advantages or "Hacking"
Any use of Blacklisted Modifications that give advantages over other players are strictly forbidden. This also includes modifications for peripherals (mouse or keyboard). This includes any form of AutoClicking. Cheating will not be tolerated and should evidence be gathered to suggest you were cheating, this will result in immediate removal from the server. Any admission to hacking will be taken seriously until proven otherwise, this includes any form of light-hearted comment or joke, no matter the intention.

Hackusating & Accusations of Rule-Breaking
Hackusating is when someone publicly accuses another player of hacking without solid evidence to prove it. If you are found to be Hackusating via the Server chat, Discord chat or Forums you will be asked to stop and may face further punishment yourself should you not follow instructions to do so. Not only that but in calling that player out you are directly making it more difficult for Staff members to see if the user is hacking or breaking other rules as they may take that time as an opportunity to toggle their hacks off. Similar to Hackusating, publicly accusing another player of Griefing, Island Killing, Stealing, etc. is considered to be Accusations of Rule-Breaking, as there is no solid evidence against the claim. To avoid any punishments that may result from this, it is encouraged to use the /report feature in-game or manually reporting the player on the forums for the most effective assistance.

The definition of “Insiding” on the Uncharted server is when a player has the intentions of taking items belonging to the crew that they’re a part of (i.e. spawners, traps, gear, crew fragments, etc.) and giving them to another crew or taking the items for their own advantages. When spawners or other items are placed on the crew island, the player is forfeiting the items to the crew. Unless an agreement is worked out between the Captain of the crew and the crew member who is giving up the item(s), the items are at the Captain’s discretion. We consider this against the rules of Uncharted and punishment will be dealt to the people involved. If in any case this occurs, we must have sufficient proof that such an act occurred before staff can act upon this.

Scamming is when someone tries to steal from someone else by tricking them or being deceitful. If you are caught attempting to scam or have already done so you will be removed from the server depending on the severity of the incident. Examples of scamming include: Instigating a trade and not following the agreed upon terms and killing someone in a PvE environment to steal their items. There is other forms of scamming, it is not limited to these specific examples.

Do not take the items of other users in-game without their permission, this is considered stealing. Anyone caught stealing will be punished accordingly. We are not responsible for users that you invite to your island and the majority of the time will not refund said items. We recommend only inviting users you fully trust or nobody at all.

Editing someone’s island without their expressed permission is considered griefing, whether it be through the placement or removal of blocks and/or liquids. If enough proof is provided, these users will be removed from the server immediately. To avoid this from happening, we recommend only inviting people to your island who you trust.

Island Killing
Users who go out of their way to join islands with the intentions of killing players for their items is considered to be island killing. This includes users who invite other players to their islands with the intentions of killing them. These users will be removed from the server immediately. Once again, to avoid this from happening, we recommend only inviting people to your island who you trust.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to impersonate members of the Uncharted Staff Team, Kythria Team Members, or VIPS. They are clearly identifiable by their prefixes and rank colors, if a user does not have these they are not staff. If you see someone attempting to impersonate Staff/VIPS please get evidence and contact a Staff member in-game, through our Forum player report system or Discord.

We do not under any circumstances permit the selling or trading of Uncharted goods or services for real life money. Anyone found to be doing so will be removed from the server with immediate effect. Uncharted is not responsible for any trades made for real life money by members of the community. We will not refund the cash or items in question however we will punish those involved accordingly.

Inappropriate Username
Usernames that are deemed inappropriate or offensive should be changed immediately at the request of a Staff member. If you are unable to change your username at the time of being asked you will be banned until proof of the name change is approved.

Inappropriate Skin or Cape
Skins or Capes that are considered offensive or contain NSFW content are not permitted on the server. Anyone seen to be using Inappropriate skins or capes will be removed from the server until they are changed. Once changed they will need to be approved by a Staff member.

Inappropriate Builds
Do not build any inappropriate objects on the server. Any form of derogatory, disrespectful or distasteful build will be removed without hesitation and you will be punished.

Inappropriate Language
Inappropriate language is typically words that are offensive and unnecessary for specific situations. This includes profanity or any other form of communication that is excessively used and may harm members in chat. In terms of profanity and other specific words we have a chat filter to help keep the chat clean. Bypassing the chat filter is against the rules and should you do so you will be asked to stop and potentially punished further should you continue.

We appreciate your motivation and drive to help us improve our server and community, but please ensure that you are not interrupting the hard work of our Staff members and causing further problems with other players. Staff are there to issue the appropriate punishments and information when it is required.

We appreciate that many of you may speak a variety of languages and will choose to favor some over others. The preferred language for chat is English in order to communicate to the most amount of players based on where the server is and to help our Staff moderate. You may speak other languages but please be aware in doing so you may be asked to direct your messages privately if Staff feel as though it is causing disruptions in the chat.

Profile Pictures
All profile pictures uploaded to the forums or your discord profiles must be appropriate. Any profile picture that contains offensive or NSFW content will result in a ban from that service.

We do not allow the advertising of personal giveaways on the server, Discord or forums. Advertised giveaways are to be done by Uncharted directly or VIPS. Posting any links or chat messages telling people to enter your giveaway is forbidden and will result in a punishment on that service.

AFK Pools/Scripts/Console Clients
We do not allow the use of AFK pools, the majority of them are blocked but any functioning ones that are found are considered against our rules. The AFK timer is there for a reason. In addition to this, scripts and clients that allow a player to automatically rejoin a server after being kicked and teleport them to their place of AFK are not permitted.