Uncharted Competitions


Hey there!

So recently me and a friend were talking about the Daily quests, which contain Tasks like “Mine 64x Gold Ore in the Open Sea” and so on… and wanted to expand some Tasks onto Server Competitions! Our idea was basically to add Competitions which will last for about 2h and there would always be a Competition which runs on the server.
We also had some ideas for Competitions which could be fun, but first we will start with the Rewards of those.

1st Place: 100 Quest XP + 25.000 Gold
2nd Place: 75 Quest XP + 17.500 Gold
3rd Place: 50 Quest XP + 10.000 Gold

These rewards aren’t too overpowered for Competitions which will last for 2 hours. In my opinion they seem to be fair. Now our ideas:

  • Most Mined Coal Ore in the Open Sea
  • Most Mined Iron Ore in the Open Sea
  • Most Mined Gold Ore in the Open Sea
  • Most Mined Diamond Ore in the Open Sea
  • Most Mined Emerald Ore in the Open Sea
  • Most Mined Ores in the Open Sea (in total, includes Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Emerald Ore)
  • Most Monster Kills on your Island
  • Most Money spent on the Casino
  • Most Treasure Chests looted from the Open Sea (Only counts if you loot them from the Open Sea, Burial Chests do not count for this Competition)
  • Most Blocks traveled in the Open Sea
  • Most Crops mined on your Island (includes Cocoa Beans, Sugar Cane, Potatoes, Carrots, Wheat, Melons, Pumpkin and Nether Warts) Placing and breaking them should not count as progress
  • Most Player Kills in the Open Sea (Kills only count once every 30 minutes, so people can’t kill their Alts all the time to win the Competition)

Well that’s basically it for now, if this would be added many players would probably sweat to win those Competitions!



I totally agree with this idea, it will make the warzone more active.


The only issue I can see with challenges like these is it can be a way of the rich getting richer. For instance most monster kills and most money spend on the casino. Of course challenges should not be aimed at new players, the shouldn’t be able to be bought, you know, otherwise it isn’t a challenge xD.


I like this idea it gives new players a chance to get rich and progress a lot quicker of course rich people could do it to and have an advantage so maybe like the mining one you make it a specific tool with no enchants on it to make it more fair but I like the challenges idea


This is still a great idea, maybe not the mob killing and casino ones like mansa said. I would love to see this implemented. Now with the new chests there are really only a few people extra in the open seas. It would give some players that would otherwise afk a reason to go to the open seas.