Uncharted Command Reference


Here be your guide to all the commands you’ll ever need in the world of Uncharted! For the most updated list of commands, always check /help in-game.

<argument> = A required command argument
[argument] = An optional command argument


Display a list of all commands you have access to

/<command> ?

Shows additional details about any command, including usage

Island Commands

These commands can be used to travel to and from and manage your islands.

/island go [search]

Open your travel menu to visit an island, or teleport to an island instantly

/island public

Change the privacy of your island to public, where anybody can join (but not build) without an invitation
Requires Captain Rank

/island private

Set your island back to private, where all members need an invitation to join

/island title <new title>

Change the title of your island
Requires Privateer Rank

/island spawn [player]

Teleport to the island spawn (or another player on your island, if you’re the island owner)

/island kick <player>

Kick a player from the island and remove them from the memberlist.
Requires being an Officer on an island

/island leave

Leave an island and remove it from your list of joined islands

/island new

Create a new island

/island invite <player>

Invite a player to the island and gives them build rights
Requires being an Officer on an island

/island join <player>

Accept an invitation to join an island

/island reset

Delete your island and return to spawn

/island list

List all members of the current island

/island warp <warp>

Teleport to a warp on an island

/island setwarp <warp>

Set a warp on an island.
Requires being an Owner of the island
Warp limit is defined by your current premium rank.

/island delwarp <warp>

Delete a warp from your island
Requires being an owner of the island

/island listwarps

List all warps on the current island

Kit Commands


Open the kit summon GUI, where you can spawn in or purchase Kits using Pearls.

/kit <kit>

Quickly summon a kit you already own

Economy Commands


Check your pearls balance


Check your gold balance


View the top 100 richest players

/pay <player> <amount>

Pay Gold to another player

Quest Commands


Open your quest menu for viewing current quests, completed quests, and undiscovered quests.

/q completed

Quickly access your completed quests

/q undiscovered

Quick access your undiscovered quests

Other Useful Commands


Access the repair item interface from (almost) anywhere
Requires Captain rank


Access your level-up rewards


Access your skills menu


Quickly sell an item directly from your inventory
Requires Admiral rank


Quickly access your donor vault
Requires at least Privateer rank

/whosells <item>

Quickly determine what NPC sells a specific item, and for how much


Check the status of an active combat tag


Fully restore your hunger, on your own island
Requires Admiral rank


Fully heal yourself, on your own island
Requires Admiral rank


Put a block on your head

/ptime <day/night>

Change your personal time of day
Requires Captain rank


Reset your time to the server time, in case you change it with /ptime.


Teleport to the server spawn

/warp <warp>

Teleport to a server warp


List available warps


List online players


Access a portable workbench
Requires Captain rank

Messaging Commands


View a list of all chat channels

/chat <channel>

Change to a chat channel

/<channel> <message>

Quickly message a channel without changing to it

/msg <player> <message>

Send a private message

/reply <message>

Quickly reply to a PM


Toggle being able to receive PMs


Toggle seeing Global chat


Toggle seeing Local chat


Toggle seeing Market chat

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