Uncharted: A Guide on the Open Seas [Tutorial Contest]


Table of Contents:

Open Seas Overview - A basic description of the Open Seas and how it functions
Preparing for the Open Seas - A quick guide on how to prepare for an adventure into the Open Seas.
Mining in the Open Seas - A guide on the various ores that can be mined in the Open Seas.
Treasure in the Open Seas - A guide on the treasure chests that can be obtained in the Open Seas.
Quests in the Open Seas - A guide on quests that take place within the Open Seas.

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Open Seas Overview


The Open Seas, also sometimes referred to as the warzone is the PvP area on Uncharted. In the Open Seas players are able to collect ores, look for treasure, and attempt to conquer other pirates in PvP fights. Care should be taken when traversing this dangerous area as there are always players out looking for a fight, in addition falling from a large height is a very real danger while exploring.

The Open Seas are filled with various ores for players to mine as well as treasure chests containing precious loot fit for any pirate. Ores and treasure respawn over time so there is always a reason to return for more loot.

Below you can find a detailed map of the Open Seas, containing markers for the various docks and the Sea Keeper.

Open Seas Map

Click Here for Larger, Zoomable Image

Below you can find larger images of the top and bottom half shown separately.

Top Half

The top half of the Open Seas.

Bottom Half

The bottom half of the Open Seas.

The above images are a map of the Open Seas created using a minimap mod. Minimap mods can be used to help you remember specific locations and keep a sense of direction while exploring. This map has the locations of all 3 docks as well as the Sea Keeper marked with waypoints.

If you are using a minimap mod, make sure you have one without entity tracking or have entity tracking disabled as this is a violation of the server’s rules.

Accessing the Open Seas

You can access the Open Seas only after you have completed the Returning to Town quest. This is the second quest that will become available after you have created your island and set up some basic amenities.

To access the Open Seas, simply navigate to the dock at the southern end of Port Nolem and talk to the captain. From the captain you can select one of the three currently available docks to travel to, provided you have them unlocked. You can also pay the captain 100 gold to be dropped off randomly in the Open Seas.

An image of the captain’s GUI, with all 6 docks unlocked.


Docks are safe locations in the Open Seas in which you can not be hurt by other players, docks are used as the main way of exiting the open seas by talking to the captain located in each dock to return to spawn. Each dock also has a NPC that allows you to start a race quest where you are tasked with running to another nearby dock within a certain time limit.

When you first venture to the open seas you will be able to travel to a single dock that is chosen at random, to unlock access to the other docks you must find them while out exploring.

Below is a list of the current docks as well as their locations. You can click on the blurred text to view their exact location.

Dock Locations

Skull Mountain - Located in the northwest corner of the Open Seas at X: -503, Y: 26, Z: -708.
Castle - Located in the northern center of the Open Seas at X: -245, Y: 26, Z: -308.
Parrot - Located in the northeast corner of the Open Seas at X: -30, Y: 25, Z: -507.
Sword - Located in the western middle of the Open Seas at X: -576, Y: 24, Z: 61.
Shipwreck - Located in the southern center of the Open Seas at *X: -249, Y: 24, Z: 345 .
Gull - Located in the southwest corner of the Open Seas at X: -654, Y: 25, Z: 514.

A picture taken from outside the skull mountain dock

Sea Gems

Sea Gems are used to increase or decrease the global damage modifier within the Open Seas. The Calm Sea Gem decreases all damage by 50% while the Raging Sea Gem increases all damage by 50%. If either gem is active the opposite gem can be used to counter its effects, returning the global damage multiplier to normal. These gems can be found as loot inside treasure chests or purchased from the Sea Keeper with gold. Each gem’s effect will last for 15 minutes.

A raging sea gem.

The Sea Keeper

The Sea Keeper is a special NPC located in the far southwest corner of the Open Sea at X: -601, Y: 30, Z: -51 where he can be found hidden under a large overhang. The Sea Keeper allows you to purchase calm and raging sea gems for 1,250 gold each. He can only be talked to after you have completed all three race quests.

The Sea Keeper

Deep Water

When entering deeper water in the Open Seas you will be presented with a warning to return to shore, the warning will inform you that you don’t know what could be lurking in the water. If you do not return to shore before the 10 second countdown ends you will be placed back on land at your last location and instantly reduced to a half heart, making it easy for other players to kill you.

The warning message when you enter deep water.

Combat Tagging

If you engage in combat with another player you will be combat tagged for 20 seconds, during this time you are unable to exit the Open Seas into the safety of a dock and if you disconnect from the server you will be killed instantly.

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Preparing for the Open Seas


Since traveling to the Open Seas in dangerous, it is recommended you come well prepared for your journey. Various items exist that will help you in your dangerous quest for loot and glory. For example, ender pearls can help you escape if you are being pursued or allow you to access hard to reach ores and treasure chests.

Early Expeditions

The Open Seas can be intimidating at first, with lots of players that will happily take a free kill from defenseless players. However, here is a short list of items you should consider taking with you on early expeditions into the Open Seas to improve your chances.

Your First Journeys Into the Open Seas
  • A stone or iron sword to defend against other players.
  • A stone or iron pickaxe to begin collecting ores to create better gear.
  • Plenty of food, starting out bread is an easy food to farm and is decent for satisfying hunger.
  • If you have any armor, you should consider taking it as it will help you be more resistance against attacks.
  • If you are able to, a recall potion will allow you to exist the Open Seas without making the dangerous journey back to a dock.
  • If you are able to, a health potion can be used to recover health in emergency situations. However, be warned that it will cause potion sickness. Potion sickness will prevent you from consuming any other potions for its duration.

Your early adventures into the Open Sea should be focused on gathering ore for better gear. However, you should still keep an eye out for any treasure chests you are able to snag as they could contain helpful loot.

A simple example of what items you should bring with you to start.

A recall elixir.

Later Expeditions

Once you are better equipped you should have an easier time surviving in the Open Seas. You now have the chance to focus on collection treasure and stockpiling large amounts of ores that you can sell for gold. Here is a list of items that can prove useful to any player in the Open Seas.

Later Journeys Into the Open Seas
  • Better armor, you may not want to take your best armor with you due to the risk of losing it but you should try and carry at least diamond armor with you to help you survive, enchanted swords can give you the edge during fights.
  • A good weapon to defend yourself against attacks from other players.
  • A bow to attack other players from a safer distance.
  • Arrows for your bow.
  • Plenty of food. At this point you should consider moving to cooked meat or golden carrots as they will satisfy your hunger for longer.
  • An iron or diamond pickaxe to collect ores.
  • A recall potion so you can leave the Open Seas whenever you desire.
  • Some health potions that can be used to recover health, especially during a fight. Major HP potions work best as they recover all of your missing health when used
  • Ender pearls to help you escape from attackers or to allow you to reach chests and ores that you otherwise could not.

Other Items

  • A treasure tracker will allow you to seek out and collect hard to find treasure chests.
  • A treasure restock pass can be used to refill the treasure chests whenever you want, however they are quite valuable and you risk losing them.
  • Stamina potions will allow you to get a quick burst of speed when running, but they also cause potion sickness.
  • Toxin remedies can be used to clear you of poison effects from other players weapons, but they also causes potion sickness.
  • Gravity endurance boots will reduce the damage you take when falling as well as the damage caused by your own ender pearls. These can be helpful due to the many long drops in the Open Seas.
  • Snowballs or eggs will allow you to combat tag other players to prevent them from logging off to escape.

Once you are more prepared it can be fun to see how much loot you can obtain from one expedition, where it be in terms of ores or treasure chests. Other players can also be a good source of loot if you are prepared for a fight.

A more advanced kit for venturing into the Open Seas

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Mining in the Open Seas


The open seas are filled with various ores waiting for a mining to come by and collect. There are 6 different ores that can be found in the Open Seas: coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, diamond, and emerald. Coal, iron and gold ores are relatively easy to find scattered randomly throughout the Open Seas, while lapis lazuli can only be found in areas of shallow water. Diamond ore is rare and is usually found in difficult to reach areas, emerald ore is incredibly rare and is located in the most obscure, hard to reach areas. In addition to this, diamond and emerald ore are usually found alone while other ores are usually found in small veins. Each ore takes a different amount of time to respawn once mined and during that time will be replaced with bedrock. The list below details the time it takes for each ore to respawn.

Ore Respawn times

Coal Ore - 45 Seconds.
Iron Ore - 1 Minute 30 Seconds.
Lapis Lazuli Ore - 1 Minute 30 Seconds.
Gold Ore - 5 Minutes.
Diamond Ore - 10 Minutes.
Emerald Ore - 15 Minutes.


Just like in vanilla minecraft you will need to have the correct type of pickaxe to successfully mine each ore. Once mined the ore will go directly to your inventory or be dropped on the ground if your inventory is full.

A picture of an iron and coal ore vein in the Open Seas.

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Treasure in the Open Seas


Treasure chests are the main focus of exploration into the open seas, they can be collected and opened back on your island to obtain various pieces of loot. Treasures chests come in 5 different tiers ranging from tier 1 to tier 5. The higher tier treasure chests have an increased chance of containing better look but are consequently much harder to find.

To collect a treasure chest the player must hold right click while they are in range and facing the chest, after a few seconds the chest will be collected and placed in their inventory. Higher tier chests take longer to collect, with the higher tier taking up to 23 seconds to collect. You will be unable to collect treasure chests if you are in combat or if your inventory is currently full. Like ores, treasure chests will respawn randomly over time. Unlike ores however, treasures chests take much longer to respawn and their respawn time is random. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for a treasure chest to respawn. The exact time is said to be anywhere from 8 minutes to 10 hours.

When a player is killed any items that are taken by the ghost captain and not reclaimed using gold will be added to the treasure chest loot pool, meaning they can be found by anyone when opening treasure chests.

The progress bar when picking up a chest.

Treasure Restock Passes

Treasure restock passes are items that when used respawn all treasure chests at once. They must be used while within the Open Seas and when used a message will be broadcast to the entire server. They can be found rarely as loot within treasure chests or purchased from the Plunderer in the Trading Post for 300 pearls.

A treasure restock pass.

Treasure Trackers

Treasure trackers are rare items that can be obtained from treasure chests or from the Buccaneer Undead kit. The treasure tracker will point you towards the nearest chest while in the Open Seas, making it incredibly useful for those seeking treasure. Treasure trackers are especially useful for finding obscure, hidden, or hard to reach treasure chests that you may have otherwise missed.

A treasure tracker.

Treasure Chest Tiers

Each tier of treasure chest can be identified by the particles surrounding it, which each chest having a different particle effect. Tier 1 and 2 chests are guaranteed to contain at least common loot while tier 3 chests are guaranteed to contain at least uncommon loot. Tier 4 chests are guaranteed to contain at least rare loot and 5 chests are guaranteed to contain at least epic loot.

Treasure Chest Tiers

Tier 1 - Most common, surrounded by green particles identical to those produced by bonemeal.
Tier 2 - Surrounded by navy blue particles identical to those produced by attacks with enchanted weapons.
Tier 3 - Surrounded by blue particles identical to those produced when water drips through blocks.
Tier 4 - Surrounded by purple particles identical to those produced by witches.
Tier 5 - Least common, only one exists currently. They are surrounded by a tornado of yellow particles.

A picture of a tier 1 treasure chest, identifiable by the green particles surrounding it.

Legendary Items

Legendary items are special items that can rarely be found in treasure chests, when one is found a message will be announced to the entire server in chat. All 4-8 talent runes are considered legendary items. Various highly enchanted weapons can also be found as legendary loot. In addition, treasure restock passes are considered legendary loot.

The Looter Skill

The looter skill is a skill that increases the speed at which you pick up treasure chests. It can be leveled up to a maximum of level 5 using Talent Points. Each level reduces the time it takes to pick up each tier of chest by a small amount. Below you can find how long it takes to pick up each tier chest at each looter level.

Looter Levels

Level 1

Tier 1 - 5 Seconds.
Tier 2 - 9 Seconds.
Tier 3 - 14 Seconds
Tier 4 - 18 Seconds.
Tier 5 - 23 Seconds.

Level 2

Tier 1 - 4 Seconds.
Tier 2 - 8 Seconds.
Tier 3 - 12 Seconds
Tier 4 - 16 Seconds.
Tier 5 - 20 Seconds.

Level 3

Tier 1 - 4 Seconds.
Tier 2 - 7 Seconds.
Tier 3 - 11 Seconds
Tier 4 - 14 Seconds.
Tier 5 - 18 Seconds.

Level 4

Tier 1 - 3 Seconds.
Tier 2 - 6 Seconds.
Tier 3 - 9 Seconds
Tier 4 - 12 Seconds.
Tier 5 - 15 Seconds.

Level 5

Tier 1 - 3 Seconds.
Tier 2 - 5 Seconds.
Tier 3 - 8 Seconds
Tier 4 - 10 Seconds.
Tier 5 - 13 Seconds.

Treasure Chest Loot

Treasure chests contain a variety of loot, ranging from gold notes to treasure restock passes. The loot can only be claimed once the chest is transported back to your island and placed on the ground. Below is a short list of some of the loot that can be found.

Treasure Chest Loot

All types of Skill Gems.
All types of Talent Runes (1-2, 2-4, 3-6, or 4-8).
Enchanted stone pickaxes.
Various pieces of iron and diamond gear.
Various enchanted pieces of iron, diamond, or leather armor.
Various iron and diamond tools or weapons.
Various pieces of enchanted iron and diamond tools or weapons.
All Potions except Bonfire, Lingering, and Hyper Lingering potions.
All ores essences from level 1 to 5.
Sea Gems.
Treasure Trackers.
Treasure Restock Passes.
Tier 1 Sunken Chest keys.
Block, Player, Mob, and Chests Collected Trackers.
Other players’ items that have been claimed by the Ghost Captain.

A bow found within a treasure chest.

An iron helmet found within a treasure chest.

A legendary diamond sword found within a treasure chest.

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Quests in the Open Seas


Various quests will have the player travel to the Open Seas, whether it be to mine ore, collect treasure chests, or kill other players. Some of these quests can be repeated every few days to earn more experience. The Open Seas also include 3 race quests where the player must travel between two docks in a certain time limit.

Quest Example

Below is an example of a quest that takes place in the open seas, specifically the treasure collector quest which has the player collect each tier of treasure chest and can be repeated every 7 days by talking to the collector NPC in Port Nolem.

Quest Tasks

Collect one tier 1 chest in the Open Seas.
Collect one tier 2 chest in the Open Seas.
Collect one tier 3 chest in the Open Seas.
Collect one tier 4 chest in the Open Seas.
Collect one tier 5 chest in the Open Seas.

After the player completes this quest they will be rewarded with some experience.


The treasure collector quest in the quest menu.

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I hope you found this guide and its contents useful in some way. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment down below.

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I have edited the Open Seas map to show part of the upcoming Open Seas expansion, enjoy.


I have updated the map to show the entire new Open Seas expansion. I have also added the locations of the 3 new docks, Swords, Gull, and Shipwreck.