Tutorial & Guides Contest!



Welcome to the first Uncharted Community Event!

The Tutorial & Guides contest is aimed at bringing informative and explanatory guides to our players, by our players. Experienced or knowledgeable players may throw their pirate hats in the ring to piece together a well versed tutorial to aid fellow pirates in their adventures as they begin on Uncharted. Community is something we’re very passionate about here. We feel this contest will not only bring awesome prizes to those involved, but a sense of community and help to those who wish to progress on the server and don’t know to begin.

That being said, here’s a few topics that may help you come up with ideas for a community guide. From anywhere to Efficient Farming, Questing and Open Seas Exploration, you have a chance to not only help other players, but earn a prize yourself!

Here’s a few pointers to help get you sailing in the right direction!

  • Keep it relatively brief per section, but informative. These are potentially newer players to these topics and they want an easy and quick to follow guide that has all the info they need.

  • Be descriptive, something you consider common knowledge might not be for the person reading.

  • New content updates are always a good place to start, fewer people generally know about things that are recently added.

  • Formatting plays a huge part when it comes to putting together a post or guide. Make sure it’s easy to follow, the important things stand out and are pieced together nicely.

  • Think outside the box, pick a topic that isn’t commonly known.

  • Cater to different learning styles, images are a good way to help give a visual representation to follow while using your tutorial.

Contest Rules

  1. Your tutorial entry must be posted on the Forums as a new topic under the Guides section of the forums: HERE

  2. Pick a sensible topic and put thought into it, Not just a “Tutorial on making a wooden pickaxe”

  3. Make sure the steps follow our Server guidelines, IE: Rules, Approved List of Mods etc.

  4. Your submission must be your own.

  5. The original post creator will receive the prize(s).

  6. Title your tutorial with the intended name and add [Tutorial Contest] on the end so it’s clear you’re entering this contest, if this is not added it will not be counted as an entry.

  • For Example: Guide to Efficient Farming [Tutorial Contest]
  1. One submission per person.

  2. Pick 1 topic to do a guide on, don’t take all the ideas in 1 post.

  3. Do not steal other people’s content.

  4. You may edit your tutorial, however your post will be locked on the 7th of July and submitted as it is.


Yes, the bit you all want to know… “Well what’s in it for me?” Well I’m glad you asked!

  • 1st Place: Captain Rank + 1,200 Pearls

  • 2nd Place: Privateer Rank + 500 Pearls

  • 3rd Place: 2,500 Pearls

The Contest will end 2 weeks from now on July 7th.

Good luck to everyone looking to enter the contest, I look forward to reading your posts soon!



oof, what are we going to lel


Seems like a great event :slight_smile:


Good luck to everyone entering!


Can we have multiple tutorials listed in one?


Try to stick to to one particular topic, if your post becomes too broad you will likely clash with too many other people’s ideas. :slight_smile:


Would references also count for the contest? Think of it like documentation. :slight_smile:


Can one have multiple submissions for the contest?


Edited the rules regarding this.


can there be groups of 2 people one one post like say me and a friend want to work together and also what if we already have captain rank will we only be getting the pearls?


Let’s see third place would be good prize if i wanted the buccaneer kit… but i also want ranks hmm… I should’ve made more sections on my guide. I should’ve made a guide on exploits to do on Uncharted


People have done tutorial on everything is that why you want


Am I allowed to make a guide to everything and have subtitles so you can go to what topic you want? Or does it have to be a guide on 1 particular thing?
Because as you can see at A Pirate's Ultimate Guide to Everything [Tutorial Contest] , I made / am making a guide regarding the whole server. And I am probably going to keep updating it after the competition is over. Is it allowed in the competition or do I select 1 topic.


what if you get 2nd place and already have Privateer rank?