Tutorial Contest Winners



Before we get into congratulating our winners, I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who participated in this contest. This was our first Community Event and the amount of you who got involved and created some amazing Tutorials was awesome to see!

1st Place

(Captain Rank + 1,200 pearls)


When picking our winner we wanted to pick a tutorial that was compiled in a great format while still remaining informative throughout the whole thing. We felt like Skyrim’s guide really hit the nail on the head and was the perfect choice for our 1st place winner. 73 edits were made to his post over the time of creation, this just shows how much effort went into making this guide possible.

:tada: Congratulations SkyrimX! :tada:

2nd Place

(Privateer Rank + 500 Pearls)


Once again we felt this guide really put all the core information into an outstanding and easy to follow format. Much like SkyrimX’s guide, a large amount of edits were made to his topic. Exactly 31 edits were made to it. What a fantastic display of dedication, effort and overall knowledge of Uncharted in such a short amount of time.

:tada: Congratulations Coll! :tada:

3rd Place

(2,500 Pearls)


Although the aim of the Tutorial Contest was to pick one topic in particular and make a guide on that, it was very clear just how much effort went into Jams’ tutorial. We couldn’t let this go unnoticed so we decided to award Jams 3rd place for both his informative guide and sheer effort into formatting it too.

:tada: Congratulations Jams3! :tada:

Honorable Mentions

These individuals made some fantastic guides but unfortunately couldn’t be placed in our Top 3. That being said we wanted to show our appreciation for their effort by listing them in our Honorable Mentions section.

Untitled-8| Untitled-5| Untitled-7| Untitled-9


All winners will need to PM me on the forums to claim their prizes, if any of the ranks conflict with your current ones we can address that at the time.

Thank You

Thank you once again to our amazing community for supporting this first ever Community Event, we’re so grateful to have you support us and everything we’re aiming to achieve here at Uncharted. If you have any suggestions for future events feel free to drop them below!

Stay Tuned for an Announcement on our next event!