Treasure Chests: A change is needed for them


Chest Loot

Currently, chest loot for getting a legendary is quite off for me. Getting a brisk 3 pickaxe isn’t worth it at all. Right here is a list of what should not be a legendary: Guardian’s Gear, Obsidian Greatplate (or something like that), Rapid fire miner, that one magnet pickaxe with magnet 2 or 3, 4-5 and 2-3 legendary runes, Mob Spawner Charms and Ore Spawner Charms, 3,500 gold note, and that’s about all I could think of for removing loot.

Legendary Chances

Say if you get a treasure restock and use it, then go on your route to get 24 chests, scattered amount of t3s and t4s, just to get a bunch of useless ore spawner charms and spawner charms with a 2-3 rune, all a legendary. Honestly not worth it. 7-10s should have a higher chance of being a legendary, and removing the charms and other stuff listed up to the other paragraph. Most people on the server don’t even have a chest route, and 24 chests that are t3 and higher is almost just inexistent. People who do should get way better loot, and a legendary buff. This can also go on with the Hoarder skill. Also, actual useful loot would be good.

Legendary Chances for t1s and t2s

Basically this forum post you can find HERE

Hoarder Skill

This skill is perfect for this suggestion. from the post by fairywingsxox, basically have the hoarder skill give a legendary from t1s and t2s. If you do change the chests, have some of the legendaries and loot based off the Hoarder skill level.

Legendary worthy items

I would like to see legendary items, such as swords, gear, and tools to actually be good. Getting a sword from a legendary with all the worse enchants you would want isn’t worth being a legendary. If guardian gear was way better, then yeah that would be good. (Better as in a very good demi-god set). If you could look over ALL the legendaries to look if they could need a buff or remove them, do so, it would be good.


Chests need an overhaul or buff. And this is a good post. Best. Conclusion. Ever.


2-3 and 4-5 runes make sense as some enchants cap out at those numbers, therefore making it a legendary for that particular skill, but I agree with you.

T3 and T4 chests have what seem like extremely low chances for legendaries, more so the T4. I always got more legendaries from T3s then I ever got from T4s. I don’t know if that’s a bug, code, or RNG but regardless, the legendary chances in T3s and T4s are wack.

I also agree that getting normal loot from chests need a buff. For those of us who have the ability to collect T4s and T5s, we don’t want to spend the time, restock, and possibly gear if you die, to get a few pieces of iron gear that we just throw out anyway. Add some more diamond pieces in chests with some mid-tier enchants on boots or a helmet or whatever.




Fully agree with FM. I also think the server should do daily restocks due to no one ever doing a restock, like blood moons.




Nice post, I agree 100%


I also agree with this :smiley:


Yas do it pls :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: buff pls


I agree with mostly everything, that is besides removing charms from chests, maybe making them less often to give chances to better legendaries is a better idea but charms are supposed to be something that most high tier players need and with the slowing playerbase there really isnt enough people on to sell you them.


How about making certain charms legendaries and other not.

Charms like Rush for ore spawners, or the one that allows more mobs to spawn around a spawner, make those legendaries because people are always actively looking for those.

Things like Zap could be debatable as a legendary as you can use it for pigman farms with pig spawners, but besides that it is pretty much useless as most people have auto food farms so using lightning to kill those types of mobs are pointless.


Spawner charms/ore charms shouldn’t be legendaries or removed. @Gigavern


I disagree. Some should be legendaries as I said in my previous post. They should not be removed (though the charms that no one uses probably should).


I agree with @FMCCC on the state of charms