Treasure chest, my opinion


In the open seas there is many, many treasure chests from tiers 1-5. Each tier has many rates of items, and some i don’t agree with whatsoever. Tier 3 chests and up can give legendarys. These legendary from collect 20 chests going from tiers 3 and 4s just to get a headless 7-10 and a charge skill gem just isn’t worth it at all. The legendary should have proper legendary items, and a higher chance for legendarys, but just a little bit of a buff, not a lot. Legendarys should give legendary worthy items. Guardian’s gear and skill gems and stuff related to that should not be legendarys. I like the idea of getting gold from treasure chests, like the gold note that is a legendary, but 3500 is not a good amount, I good make that in 5 minutes. The good note should be like 25k or something higher up to make it legendary worthy. Removing some legendarys to make a more common thing would be good, you could do that with guardian gear. Horrible skills, like piercing as an example of a Scar should not be a legendary or a Desolation being horrible in general. Another thing is tier 1 or 2 chests. It’s just like they are there with no purpose at all to be there. Every tier should have a chance of legendary, but a higher chance based on the tier. Every chest should have a purpose. This is my opinion on chests.


LOl autocorrect cheats is chests my bad I mean gotta break my kindle fire now.


You need to learn to spell. Almost everything is spelt wrong xd


homie FM I fixed it. Also I wrote this in middle of church on a tablet/Kindle Fire that has a stupid auto correct. boi fixed noob