/toggle Legendary Notifications


We’ve all see the sometimes outrageous spam caused by the opening of chests yielding legendaries, but what if we could toggle it like we /toggleglobal, or /togglepms.

This could be good for Youtubers or Streamers who want to open a bunch of chests but don’t want to see what inside, so they are surprised when they open them. Other players, like myself, who find the spam in chat annoying, can simply do /toggleleg or whatever you please, and allow us to turn off the notifications for legendary items.


Here is the Issue I totally agree, But I cant really let my vote impact anything, hence im banned.


i totally agree with this suggestion i hope it gets added soon because my whole entire chat is spammed with legendary messages


I think it is a good idea it does spam chat and people can take advantage of this and the fact that it is coloured and blocks out other chat it means new players won’t be seen when talking in chat especially if someone wins heaps of Legendarys .