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Today I’m going to talk about some tips and things to note when you are in the Open Seas(Warzone), I will go over lots of aspects of the open seas, and you will notice in some bits of this guide, that I list my own opinions about some features in the open seas, again some of you may find my opinion about a feature the complete opposite of yours, it’s completely fine, and if you have any concerns or want to see something added to this guide, please do so using the reply button below, thank you :slight_smile:


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So to get started, I’m going to list some things to note when reading this guide:

  • This may not cover all of the features and aspects you may have discovered and found, I’ll try to go
    over most of them, but I won’t assure you that I will go over ALL of them.

  • I will hopefully keep updating this guide.

  • I would like to hear feedback from the community to help me improve this guide, and enrich it with
    important information.

I’m going to be talking about the following subjects:

What is Open Seas?


As the picture says "The Open Seas are chaotic waters that have PVP enabled. Anything goes" The Open Seas is the warzone of uncharted, meaning there is no other place to PVP other than the Open Seas, you can't pvp in your Island or in spawn or in the sea of the dead. Before we get into the Q & As I would like to note that if you matey wanted to access the open seas you have to complete the Journey to the Open Waters(3rd Quest).

Qs & As

Q: How can I set sail to the open seas? (how can I go there?)

A: You will need to find the dock to the captain’s ship which is located south-east of Port Nolem, walk till the end of the dock and you’ll find the Captain in-front of you. Right Click him to open an Inventory like this. Please Note that, you’ll eventually get a task to go there, you will not be able to walk to the captain until you reach that task from the 3rd Quest (Journey to the Open Waters).


Before we continue, if you joined newly, there will be 2 gray dyes instead of all three greens, we’ll discover later how to unlock the three docks.

Q: Ok...? I clicked the captain, it opened an Inventory, what do I do now?

A: You can go ahead and right click the dock you have unlocked, please note, the dock that you have unlocked at the beginning was a completely random pick by the compiler (server in a way or another), this is good to know if you have a buddy to play with and want to go together to the open seas. you may get lucky and get the same dock.

Q: How do I unlock the other docks?

A: You’ll have to find them by yourself by adventuring the Open Seas you will stumble across them sometime. once you found one walk to it to unlock it, then when you come back to the open seas from Port Nolem, You’ll find it unlocked in the captain.

Q: How many docks are there? and what are their names?

A: 3 Docks, Mountain Skull - Castle - Parrot.

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What are treasure chests?

Treasure chests are containers that are picked in the open seas containing loot varying from food to legendary tier tools & armor, they have many tiers, and the higher tier is the bigger the loot is, the amount of items in a chest is random, so even if it is a high tier chest, the item amount will not change, the items that are in the chest are just more rarer than the others and better.

Qs & As

What do treasure chests look like?
  • A: Chests, as the name says, normal chests not enderchests.
"Q: You said there were tiers of treasure chests, what are they?
  • A: There are 5 Tiers:
  1. Tier 1 - Contains at least COMMON Loot.
  2. Tier 2 - Contains at least COMMON Loot.
  3. Tier 3 - Contains at least UNCOMMON Loot.
  4. Tier 4 - Contains at least RARE Loot.
  5. Tier 5 - Contains at least EPIC Loot.
How do I know what tier of treasure chests I'm picking up?

There are 2 to know what you’re picking up:

  • The particles around them, each tier has different particles around the chest, ex: tier 1 treasure has villager appreciation particles (when you trade an item with a villager)
  • The time it takes to pick it up, the higher the tier the slower it takes to pick it up you will know how much left till you pick it up via the action bar on top of your hotbar.

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Treasure Chest Locations.

This is something, that a lot of people need, now, before we start, OFCOURSE, I won't mention all treasure chest spots, I will go over some - (3-4) locations only - it's not fun to know all locations, the fun is ruined if I put all treasure chest spots. I will put them in a spoiler for whoever wants to look for treasure chests by himself.
Treasure Chest Locations

Location No. #1 - Tier 1
This is located next to parrot,

Location No. #2 - Tier 2
This is near the same spot as the one above which is next to carrot

Location No. #3 - Tier 3

Sorry for the bad quality, I took this image from a far spot, had to zoom in, and it lowered the photo quality, this is located next to castle next to the piranha fishes, just go to the large one that you see from the ship
and you’ll find the location in front of you.

Location No. #4 - Tier 4

The same as above, both tier 3 and tier 4 are next to each other, next to the piranhas.

Both Tier 3 & 4 Require Ender Pearls To Reach,

Under Work Please Wait

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Securing ores or treasure chests without having to fight.

People venture the Open Seas for various purposes, such as PVPing or mining ores or, the one that we are going to be talking about, finding treasure chests and securing them without having to engage in combat.
There are multiple ways of doing so, such as:
  • Ender pearls, ender pearls are used for various reasons, one of those, is getting to the dock safely
    without having to PVP with some of the campers at the docks.

  • Food, food is an essential resource in Minecraft, and it definitely is important here in uncharted, running
    out of hunger is no good, especially when you have treasure chests in your inventory.
    Best Food you can take:
    Ofcourse the Golden Carrot is the best item you can take, as it is the highest saturated food in minecraft.
    Some people may not know this but it is good to include this, here is how to craft a golden carrot:
    Materials: 8 Golden Ingots & a Carrot.

  • Recall elixir, even though these elixirs cost quite a bit of gold for most starters, it is surely worth the
    price! with a 10 second timer till it teleports you safely to Port Nolem. though it has some of it’s
    advantages and disadvantages it is something to consider.

  • A mix of both Ender pearls and Recall elixir, as said earlier a recall elixir has some disadvantages,
    such as engaging in combat will remove the timer and the elixir will be gone, you can use Ender pearls
    to get to a safe location that is hard to reach or hard to get aim of using a bow, and then use the recall
    elixir, a mix of both these items, will give the best results.

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How to find high tier treasure chests?

Whats better than opening a tier V treasure chest? nothing! exactly, as great as they are, they are incredibely hard to find/spot, so, the higher the tier, the rarer & harder they become.
Things you need to know when searching for high tier treasure chests:
  • As said above, a high tier chest will not be an easy find, you will need to look in spots that are IMPOSSIBLE to reach by normal walking/sprinting or parkour, locations such as ship wrecks, and high mountains(no not Skull Mountain).

  • Try searching in areas that are far from docks, not many people continue there journey there, well because it’s risky, but it’s a prize worth the risk(in my opinion).

  • Always have Food and Ender Pearls on you, Food for the ability to sprint, and regenerate hearts, and Ender Pearls to reach those hard spots, and as said above managing to make it safely back to docks.

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How to increase your chances of surviving through a fight?

Isn't it annoying when you lose a set that you've spent time and hard work on? this will help you raise the chances of not losing your set when engaging in combat with another pirate.
Strategies that may help you in combat:
  • Fighting with a group will help you emerge victorious, groups help each other, and deal more damage.

  • Strafing is a good strategy when fighting, it is a kind-of-hard skill to learn, but it is definetly worth the time spent.

  • This is a Self-Destructive way, and you need to be a good PVPer for this to work, and it is by activating a Raging Seas Gem (Combat Modifier), by dealing 1.5x more damage to your enemies, you will manage to slay them. It also deals 1.5x damage to you the activator of the gem aswell.

  • Using Combat Skill Gems, these are like enchantments, custom enchantments to be exact, taking advantage of them gives you an upper hand on your opponent, Skill gems like Lifesteal, Melee Endurance, Ranged Endurance, Spike and Dodge come in handy in many situations.

  • The Most Obvious out of all, Equip high tier armor (Iron-Diamond).

  • Use the terrain you’re in against your opponent, use small hills to get the lower ground on your opponent, use flat ground to strafe around your opponent, Use high ground to shoot your enemy with a bow.

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Thanks to all whom helped:

  • @Bram for helping with links and the update table.
  • @Coll for helping with cleaning up the thread.

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