This item frame glitch is absolutely absurd


Screenshots Down Below

So after sorting chests upon chests of items, I added item frames to indicate where items would go, and which items would go wear.

But there is a certain problem, that literally makes these item frames delete items.

Here is what basically happened:

I placed the item frames one night, with items in everyone and soon went to sleep. When I woke up the next day, I found out that all 48 of the item frames have disappeared. I thought maybe it was a player and disregarded it as an act of malicious intent, or some guest that was invited stole them (as it has still not been fixed that guests can break item frames and take the items out of it). Then I replaced them, thinking that it was a one-time occurrence, but just in case I took screenshots of my items. It wasn’t a one-time occurrence as when I came back to the island the next day, they were gone, and one set of the chest’s item frames and items in said item frames were on the ground, I took a screenshot and it then soon disappeared due to my full inventory.

I was wondering if we could get a reimbursement and a fix to this problem.


Screenshot: 9/13/2018

Screenshot: 9/13/2018

Guest being able to break Item frames: 9/13/2018

Screenshot: 9/14/18

Screenshot: 9/15/18


None of our resources remove item frames - there are plenty of islands that use them without an issue. This likely was done deliberately by another island member or someone who has access to it.

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Last time I checked, guests on the island were able to interact with item frames. This is probably something that should be corrected.


This was not a guest on the island, as this happened when Vexell and I went this same island. They were fine one minute, the next the item frames were all broken.


As much as this may be possible, I doubt that allies and crew members also had the same thing happen to them with the items on the floor. If it was per malicious intent they would’ve taken the items. It would be nice to check it over maybe. It may be due to if you guys have a clearlag that removes entities as Item Frames are entities.


Is it possible there was an explosion nearby that could have broken all the item frames?


As I said previously, the only entities that are effected by culling are animals and monsters. We don’t run clearlag or any other plugins that have a habit of ■■■■■■■■ with things.


No. These chests are at the topmost level of a building and no tnt is allowed to be used on the island.


This has happened to me before when I had no one invited to my island, so it doesn’t necessarily mean someone was being bad.