This glitch is killing me



This glitch in the warzone keeps killing me. The glitch has to do with accidental block glitching concerning ender pearls. Say you were to throw an ender pearl to somewhere in the warzone you might get stuck in a block and upon trying to contact a mod or someone that can help, it kicks you out. This isn’t the problem as I might be able to ender pearl away but instead, it kicks me out within in seconds saying “Flying or related is not enabled”. This has killed me a countless amount of times at this point I’m currently stuck in a block in the warzone waiting for assistance. Please help, its also almost unavoidable because in the warzone (which is beautiful) almost needs ender pearls to reach a place with any good items or ores.



This is a Minecraft issue. We try our best to mitigate it, but can only go so far.

Moved your post to #support:community-help and tagging @moderators to assist you.


What’s your in game name?


My In Game Name is Gigavern


Queued a rescue attempt for you when you next log on! :slight_smile:


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