The World Of Uncharted - Official Trailer



The time has come for us to release our actual trailer! This time around, some of our leaks may not be so obscure as they were in the April Fool’s Day trailer. It also may or may not contain details as to when we will be releasing, so definitely make sure to check it out :eyes: We hope you enjoy it!

Spread the Word!

Those who re-upload Uncharted’s trailer on YouTube and accumulate 100 or more views will receive a reward! This reward type has not been announced yet, but just know that it will be quite the reward.


  • Re-upload the Uncharted trailer on YouTube. You can download it directly here.
  • Make the video publicly listed.
  • Copy & paste the title & description of the official trailer.
  • Put your IGN and forums username at the bottom of the description.
  • Obtain 100+ views on the video.

Once you have fulfilled these qualifications, direct message @Aidan on the forums with a link to the video, and you will receive your reward shortly!


Update 2.0 - Player Shops, Voting Rewards, Ancient Kits, and More!
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