The server-wide peace sign


In order to make the world of Uncharted a more cooperative place, i have thought of a peace system out in wz.

Unenchanted leather armor and a fishing rod: these items will let people know you are chill in the wz and shouldn’t be killed. If people followed this unofficial rule hopefully things will be nicer for everyone.

Now that i am typing this it sounds stupid, I am just asking for thoughts and feedback to further improve this thread’s idea.


It must not be aapplicable when the player is not fishing or is carrying a weapon in hand signifying a sign of PvP other wise this might be abooosed


Even I will have to say this would never happen, and if it did you would have people not obey it. War-zone is where people get killed for loot and quests. That is how it will always remain in my eyes.


True but sometimes it’s just to annoying for newer players which either makes them flustered or quit something like this might help maybe it can be for like level 3 and under


They already made it to where level 3 and under players don’t count towards quests yet they still get killed. This won’t change anything trust me. People tried to go fishing today and they also got killed.


Well then is there anyway to help noobs out cause a lot of people quit because they can’t compete I almost quit for that reason


I said I almost quit k


It was directed towards all beginners


Oh ok but that isn’t a good morale for the server


Oi is there anyway to mute people on forums to. Thanks