The perfect potato, carrot or wheat farm [Tutorial Contest]


In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make the most efficient potato, carrot or wheat farm.
Before I start I’ll tell you a little about Minecraft farming and how it works.

All Minecraft crops have 8 stages to it, meaning that the crop will have to grow 7 times to be mature(harvestable). A crop and a chance of growing every time a block update happens, this happens on a random “tick”. Minecraft’s basic tick speed is 20 Ticks Per Second(TPS), the average amount of ticks between every block update is around 1365 that’s around 68 seconds.

Now to how to make a farm that has the highest chance for the crop to grow at each block update.

Most people make there farms like this:

But what you don’t know is that the chance for a plant to grow with this design is 1/6 (16.7%) for mid-field plants, 1/7 (14%) for edges, and 1/9 (11%) for corners.
The highest chance you can get it to is 1/6 (33%).

The reason that design isn’t very good is that if you have any blocks next to the farmland you are growing the crop on, it will slow down the growth speed of that crop(block meaning every placable item in that game and air is also counted) unless its another piece of farmland. But on that farmland you cant have the same sort of crops unless its only planted in a row in one direction(north/south or east/west), if you do this you would then have a row of empty farmland on either side, on those you cant plant the same kind of crop but you CAN plant a different kind of crop.

So the ideal design for a potato, carrot or wheat farm would be:

with this design, all your drops will be fully grown in an average time of 37mins.

If you want your farm a little more efficient you could make it semi-automatic so you don’t have the harvest the crops yourself, you do this by putting a row of dispensers with a bucket of water inside going across with a Redstone row on top with a button to power it. Whenever all crops are fully grown you just press the button to dispense the water.
To pick up the items you could go pick them up your self or have a row of hoppers leading into chests at the end of your farmlands.

So all my personal farms look like this as its the most efficient and I doesn’t have to do too much work my self:

With this design, all your crops have the highest chance to grow and have enough light to always grow.
And you don’t have to harvest the crops yourself.

If you find any spelling mistakes or anything that just isn’t true feel free to let me know so I can change it.

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putting all one crop stills gives it a 1/5 chance of growing and in my opinion is more efficient to make money


with this setup it has a 1/3 chance at growing