Team Zero Tolerance (ZT) Recruiting


Hello, my name is FrostGod_ZT and here is some information about the ZT clan/crew. We originally started on skybounds and we were founded in October 2017. Our leader is NilsZ_ZT and the clan has around 15-20 official members currently but we are looking for more specifically on this server. In order to join you must join the ZT clan discord (link down below) and send the uncharted application located in the #info-requirements channel too either NilsZ_ZT me (FrostGod_ZT) or any other recruiters, once we have discussed your application we will get back to you in length. Thank you and remember that a team is important if you want to survive the deadly Open Sea!
(edit I am not allowed to post links in here so just dm me if interested in joining.)
Discord: FrostGod_ZT#1482


Hello my name is thenuke234 also known as Duane spelt like Duane pronounced like dwayne. My discord is thenuke234#4588 and I am 16 years old turining 17 in a month. I am a good pvper as well as grinder as well as money maker.
Please accept me


Please msg me on discord FrostGod_ZT#1482


I tried and it says that there is no person with that tag, please msg me @thenuke234#4588


Actually I found it and sent u a request