[Suggestion] Player Classes


This suggestion is to help people create a play style suited to their skills.

Classes can be obtained in two ways:

  • Repeating a certain action and unlocking a class

Ex: If you mine a certain amount of ores, you will obtain the Miner class

  • Buying a Class Token from the Plunderer for 2,000 Pearls (Captain+ gets a free Class Token)

You can see a players class if you hover over their name in chat or look at their stats in /statistics.

Class leveling chart:

Experience until level up [1/10,000] (Level I > Level II)

Experience until level up [10,000/20,000] (Level II > Level III)

Experience until level up [20,000/40,000] (Level III > Level IV) *

Experience until level up [40,000/50,000] (Level IV > Level V) *

  • To level up from Level III > Level IV or Level IV > Level V, a certain amount of requirement(s) must be met.


These requirements are necessary to level up to a higher tier class. Some requirements for certain classes may be easier than others.

Ex: Banker: Must have created at least 500 Banknotes / Must have spent at least 200,000 Gold

Ex: Butcher: Must have killed 1000 animals / Must have eaten 500 food items

How to level up:

Each class has different ways to level up:

[-You can also purchase Bottles of Class Experience [1,000-5,000] for 500 Pearls-]

Merchant: Sell items for Gold. For every 10 Gold you obtain, you will 1 Experience

Warrior: Fight opponents in the Open Seas or destroy monsters. For every 10 damage done, you will obtain 1 Experience.

Miner: Mine ores in the Open Seas or on your island.

Iron Ore - 1 Experience

Gold Ore - 5 Experience

Diamond Ore - 10 Experience

Emerald Ore - 15 Experience.

Magician: Level up and complete Quests. For every quest completed, you gain 1,000 Experience.

Butcher: Eating food and killing animals. For every 10 animals killed, you gain 1 Experience and for every food item eaten, you gain 1 Experience.

Slayer: Hunt down mobs and players (Similar to the Warrior Class): For every 10 damage done, you gain 1 Experience.

Brewer: Drink potions and use Skill Gems. For every potion drunk, you will earn 10 Experience and for every Skill Gem used, you will earn 10 Experience.

List of classes:

Classes are based off different styles of gameplay and can be “upgraded” to a more specialized class at Level V.

Merchant -> Banker

Warrior -> Explorer

Miner -> Excavationist

Magician -> Archmage

Butcher -> Glutton

Slayer -> Assassin

Brewer -> Alchemist

Once a player reaches Class V, they can unlock a random class skill. Skills are chosen at random and each one is class based.


Banker Skill: Gold Rush (Passive)

Bank Notes are able to be created with -50% tax

Glutton Skill: Consumption (Passive)

Get random effects when you eat food (Effects can last up to 30 seconds)

Example: Carrots give you a couple seconds Jump Boost, Steak gives you Strength, and Potatoes give you Saturation.

Assassin Skill: Bloodlust (Passive)

You are alerted to enemies approaching within 20 blocks near you. However, enemies that are invisible are not detected.

Example: You sense an enemy approaching…

Alchemist: Linger (Passive)

Potion effects will last longer

Example: Strength potion that lasts 60 seconds will last 90 seconds

Archmage: Teleport (Active)

Only usable in the Open Seas or on Docks, this ability will transport you to a random spot in the Warzone. Pretty handy if you’re stuck or want to get away from someone. It does require you to hold still and not take damage… (To use ability, punch the air with your fist for 15 seconds)

Explorer: Immobilizer (Active)

Temporarily disables all Trigger Blocks within a 10 block range. All disabled Trigger Blocks will reactivate in 20 seconds.

Excavator: Explode (Active)

(Only usable on Islands or during Crew Battles) Explodes all the ground within a 7 block range of you. Players caught in the explosion will receive damage.

These are only a couple examples of obtainable abilities

Class changes and other edits:

You are allowed to change your class, but all progress will be lost on your current class and you will have to buy a new Class Token.


Q: What if I don’t like the ability I got from getting to Level V?

A: I guess there could be a reroll option for 500 Pearls?

Q: Aren’t certain classes WAY better than others?

A: It all depends on what you like to do ingame. I designed these classes so that one class isn’t stronger/better/more OP than all the others.

Warriors and Assassins are the primary damage dealing classes, but an Alchemist could use potions to beat them or an Archmage could simply run away and teleport. During a Crew Battle, Archmages and Alchemists might be killed due to Explorers and Excavators blowing things up and disabling traps. Explorers and Excavators could be slain if a Glutton eats some food and ambushes them. And of course, the Banker is everyone’s punching bag in the Warzone :stuck_out_tongue:

Q: Can I buy more than one ability?

A: If a person had more than one ability they would have too much of an advantage over players with only one or no abilities. Abilities aren’t supposed to be a game-breaking, economy-shattering, rage-inducing thing. They’re just supposed to give certain people advantages in what they like to do. Fighters get an ability that helps them fight better, people who like to sell items get something that they can use to increase profits, and people who like to attack other Crew Islands get a little bit of an advantage. So, no multiple abilities :frowning:

Q: Can I get a Teleport ability if I’m an Explorer?

A: No, as the Teleport ability is something unique to the Archmage class. Different classes can’t have abilities that another class has. It would be strange to have a Banker running around exploding stuff on Crew Islands while an Archmage makes Gold Notes for the Alchemist who is eating an ungodly amount of food to gain buffs. Ok, but for real, you will only get abilities that relate to what class you are.

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If anyone has any tips on how to make a better suggestion or if I violated some rule about making suggestions please tell me.
Feedback would be appreciated :smiley:


Sounds fun noice idea as quests are currently ded


Banker class ftw. :slight_smile:


Sounds great so far, not too overwhelming and seems balanced enough, only thing I’d change would make things like the banker’s perk non-accessible through normal means because we do have a skill for that.


Well detailed and i totally agree with this !


I think this would be a cool idea to add, can’t wait to see if it gets added. Good job


Hey Puggo, nice to see you back!
I really like this idea. The only major problem that I see is that Slayer and Warrior seem too alike. Maybe Slayer acts as a glass cannon and Warrior as a tank. All your ideas for the characters are really interesting. Glutton will probably be my favorite :smiley:


My original plan was to have a fighting class for PvP and PvE. Slayer was intended to be a class that could deal additional damage to mobs while the Warrior would fight other players. If you have any ideas about how to make them a bit more different or about changing what abilities they can get I would like to hear them :slight_smile:


Also, as Gigavern pointed out, the Banker class seems to need a new ability other than less tax when making Gold Notes. If anyone has any ideas for a different Banker ability please tell me.


Banker: A discount on trading post items and a higher sell value for certain items.


Maybe make slayer yield more drops and give money when you kill a mob? Also maybe change the name as it just sounds like the enchantment with an ending added on.


Changes to Suggestion:

Banker’s new ability: Barter

– Buying items now costs less (20% decrease)
– Selling items is now more profitable (10% increase)

Assassin new ability: Loot

– Monsters have a chance to have increased drops
– Monsters now can drop more items such as Gold Notes [200-500] and potions [Zombies can drop Strength, Skeletons can drop Speed, Creepers can drop Immunity etc…]

Thank you Gigavern for suggesting the changes :smiley:


…this is…already a thing, though? Zombies can drop Hyper Lingering Health, Skeletons can drop…something, I don’t recall what, and Creepers can drop Immunity Spirits. Additionally, Endermen can drop Recall Potions.

It’s just a rare occurrence.


Blazes drop Bonfire, also zombies drop any health potions from life elixirs to major hp pots.

He means like vanilla potions that are normally unattainable like strength potions I think.