State of Uncharted


Hey everyone! :wave:

I know you have all been patiently waiting for information about when Uncharted is coming back and who its new owners will be. I am happy to announce that my team and I have finally reached a point in which we are comfortable with letting you all in on this information!

Who’s behind the project?

Uncharted was previously owned and developed by the team over at Melon Development. Kythria, LLC and the team behind it have since taken over this role, and our plan is to try and keep the spirit of the server alive while consistently providing you with new and exciting content to discover.

The team consists of:

  • Aidan (@Aidan) - General Management & Operations
  • Bert (@Bert) - Game Development & Design
  • DeJay (@DeJay) - Backend Development & Architecture
  • Taryn (@Reeses) - Community Management
  • Char (@Char) - Content Management

We will still be in contact with the Melon Development team to make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible, and to discuss future content.

What to expect

We do not want to simply re-release Uncharted as it was in November, 2018 - Instead, we are going to have a large content update so that the Uncharted you come back to will have some new and exciting content for you all to enjoy while you begin your new journey on Uncharted.

Wait, what do you mean by, “New journey?”

Great question! Before Uncharted went inactive, one major request from the community was to have a server reset. While it did not seem fitting back then, we feel as though enough time has passed to justify a reset. This reset is planned to go into effect as soon as we re-release the server, along with the initial content update to kick things off.

What will carry over from the reset (for certain):

  • Ranks
  • Kits (will be reset to level 1)
  • Flight Passes that have not expired

Islands, crews, gold & pearl balances, quests progress, levels, vaults, daily rewards streaks, and other similar features will be reset. We are still internally discussing everything that is subject to reset, however we are open to suggestions.

How do I play?

Uncharted does not currently have a date planned for the re-release. We have an internal goal as to when we would like to be open to the public, and we will keep you all informed on progress as we approach this date. Upon release, you can connect the same way as before. For those who may not have been around during that time, here is further information on how you can connect!

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