Spawner Charm: Poison


A simple suggestion for a new spawner charm, poison. The poison charm would poison all mobs that spawn from the spawner slowly reducing them to half a heart. This would be really useful for experience farms as it brings all the mobs down to a 1 hit kill saving time and more importantly, sword durability.


Maybe if it just put them at half a heart instead to save time, apart from that great idea!


That could work, but it might make the faint charm (which puts them at 50% HP) worthless.


Poison doesnt work on some mobs


As far as I know poison works on all mobs if applied by things like commands or plugins. However poison can’t be applied to undead mobs via potions.


The ideas interesting but since we already have the faint charm what use would this bring, and if this was added then it would make the faint charm useless.


The faint charm is instant, so it would still be more useful when you want to kill mobs quickly with a fall or the ignite charm.


With the current mob spawners so far, this charm would only work on animals, creepers, and endermen. Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders are immune to poison damage - which makes this charm nearly worthless against them… unless you have a high level of Poisonous and a weapon to capitalize on the bonus damage.


Or we could just make the faint charm spawn mobs on half a heart… I am sure noone will complain about that srs


Poison does indeed work on them, it just can’t be applied by potions.


It may be to OP cause you could afk the grinder with poison on all spawners and come back and basically 1 hit every mob and get xp really quickly and not have to put the work into it i honestly would think its like using mob aura cause you dont have to do much to kill them but idk maybe if they changed it from half a heart to maybe 5 hearts it might be alright idk