Something almost everyone can agree on


The community events we have had so far have both had great rewards however they get lackluster feedback and participation from the community. Believe it or not it’s not because the rewards they don’t find worth while or don’t have time but simply because they don’t know about it. After asking in chat who else is taking part in the build comp I didn’t get us or no I only got “wait there’s an event?” Or oh wow I didn’t even know. All I ask is that the community events are advertised a lot more to increase the excitement behind them and make them more towards the range of 15-20 days than a month which may remove the excitement factor. It won’t take much to put a pop up in chat every one or two hours or to simply have a YouTube that like Pete talk about it in a video or Kara showing off a build she did for the event. I hope we can see eye to eye and more people participate in these community event. My entry is done just waiting on fly to take the screenshots :heart:


I very much agree I didn’t even know there was a event until I saw Pete’s video but even then I didn’t want to do it because it seems kinda boring even if the rewards are great


agreed like I tried entering the tutorial one but it was so hard to make a really good one cause you have to get photos type something out clear to read and set it out good which i didnt have time for and the build comp I just didn’t feel like it