Some issues with Uncharted in general


Issues with uncharted

  • Crew Islands sometimes get lost in the database/say null upon joining crew

  • While afking on a minecart on rails after you get kicked for afk you will be sent to the open seas without doing anything and the minecarts appearing on the open sea

  • Sky cannons can kill players on player islands for fall dmg.

  • Repeller Trigger blocks affect Spawners upon mobs spawning

  • Guest Rank can break item frames (Any Entity) on islands

  • Guest Rank can open doors/trapdoors/fences

  • Guest Rank able to pickup items from islands

  • Boom Enchant effects Trigger blocks/Guardians and makes them turn into regular blocks

  • Buying in shop can lag it out and you pay double like i payed 80k of sand when i wanted 40k

  • Sometimes you accidentally miss-click something on the item shop like buying 64x and you accidentally bought that qantaty that you didn’t want (Maybe adding a confirmation message)

  • When random-tping to the warzone at the captain it sends you in the middle of nowhere in the ocean

  • Crew Members join crews to just get Crew Fragments then leave (Solution maybe adding a skill/enchant called Fragment Collector)

  • Some issues with new players joining is that they lose there items like treasure chests why not make it a chance to keep a percentage of chests the player had only for lvl 3 or lower of course

  • Adding /toggles skill messages command sometimes it can get annoying getting lots of messages of the brisk enchant while right-clicking a block.

  • Able to die in your own island for fall damage

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  • Alan


Most of these on here I feel should be there for ex. dying from fall dmg on your own island. Others like with the fragments that is considered stealing and can be punished with proper evidence. The guest rank things I believe are not a main issue but could be nice to be fixed in future. Another thing I could add to this list is how I think above Level 5s can get soul shields. This I think is P2W definitely with people buying pearls to buy ∞ soul shield. Other than that I like the list and the idea of the list, Keep up the good work! :smiley:


Feel free to DM me on discord for more ideas or i rephrase this list in general


I’m afraid I have to move this into the “General Discussion” topic of the forums, because this is simply not a suggestion. It is a list of suggestions that have been already suggested, and due to the suggestions policy (which you can find HERE), you may only have one suggestion per thread.

However, I do agree with many of the things on this list though one stood out to me.

Crew Members join crews to just get Crew Fragments then leave (Solution maybe adding a skill/enchant called Fragment Collector)

As Dylan said this is considered insiding and stealing. If you can provide proper evidence, you can report it and that player will be punished accordingly.

Able to die in your own island for fall damage

Turq has addressed this and has stated that they have no intentions to change this feature. (You can find the original forum thread HERE)

There are other points within this thread that I agree with, but I have neither the time nor effort to put into a response for each.


Since guest rank is a feature that prevents you from interacting with the island why not just make as simple as putting the guests in gamemode spectator it’s the same and when a promotion happens just tp the player to the is spawn


Yeah but i can get abused in the near future


Can’t forget about how if you use brick break and accidentally break a trigger block it turns into a regular block.


Do you mean boom instead of brick break?


wdym? “brick break” can you rephrase


Dude brick break is a decent pokemon move it should be able to break trigger blocks.


I assume they are referring to Ultra Smash.


Oh lol, i was confused i didn’t know about that pokemon stuff since I’m not into that kind of things


Oh I just didnt remember what it was called I havent had a brisk pickaxe in forever lol


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