Simple Tricks TO NOT WASTE Resources


Here I am going tell you simple exploits. If you know any more tricks just reply down below :smile:

Don’t Waste Food You should only be eating food when at the war zone and not at your island. In case you haven’t notice you get saturation when you are spawn. I would just recommend on touring around spawn while your hunger regenerates.

Do NOT Kill Mobs Hostile mobs rarely ever spawn in your island. You get an insane amount of mobs spawning in your boat when making a new island. Saving the mobs you kill help you in the long run. Very soon you will start a quest to kill 10 zombies, 10 spiders, 10 skeletons, and etc.

Selling Gold Quests In some quests the there will be times when they will ask you to go ahead sell these types of items to make gold. However you can just sell other items for gold and it will still count. One quest will tell you to sell crops to make 686 gold but literally you can just sell gold ingots for 18 gold each.