Shark Tank on Uncharted!


My story:
Hi, I’m MinisterNarwhal and when I started playing Uncharted I was unable to execute any of my ideas for making money because it costed too much money to create! Most people on Uncharted decided to use cactus farms as money, but I chose to create a melon farm instead. When I started building one row of it I was out of my life savings of 30k. The only sources of money I had by then were a small potato/canes farm and some mushroom cows. I wasn’t able to produce money to keep up with building the farm. So I decided to pitch my idea to people interested in investing. About 15 people decided to take a look and only 2 (Gigavern and Qvikstar) decided to invest. Together they invested about a total of 1 million gold. Then the first and one of the biggest melon farms (for money) was created.

My goal:
I now have a steady flow of money and I am wishing to give back to the community. I want to find players with interesting ideas that are different than what already exists on the server. This could mean a new take on a farm, a cool build or really anything that is interesting.

How it works:
To enter for an investment you just need to PM on discord/forums/Uncharted or leave a reply to the post with a short description of your idea and your in-game name. I’ll ask to see a small model of the farm/build too.

Investment Example:

ign: Minister Narwhal
Idea: A melon farm that can produce 1k melons per hour with one 64 by 64 layer

My response:
Hey Minister Narwhal, I liked your idea and I’m willing to invest 500k into your farm. If the deal goes through I will have afk access to your farm, or you have to build me a small model on my island, or I get a portion of all afk’s you may choose.

Want to be a Shark (investor)?
I’m not the richest person on the server and I might not always have money available so I’m also looking for other people that would like to be “sharks”. Contact Information below if you wish to be a “shark”

Current Sharks: MinisterNarwhal, Bharp00, QvikStar10, and PhantomChaser09 (Currently Spookstar10)

Contact Information

Forums: Narbatwhal
Uncharted: MinisterNarwhal
Discord: ImBatMan#6667


If this becomes a thing I am so down. I am baltop 4 right now.


The slowing playerbase doesn’t help this idea.


True, but its also around the time that the new Youtuber is coming so it might bring more players interested in this type of thing.


I mean, i had a great super profitable idea, but it failed bcs some vanilla features were disabled.


I’d still like to hear it! There are probably some ways we can work around the problems.


Another problem I see is that players might have a flop in their system and ask for more money or might just flat out scam you.


I’m sure we can have some sort of security system set out. It could be as simple as taking a screenshot of the person agreeing to whatever the deal states and then them later scamming.