Removal of /hat


Due to recent issues with the /hat command, it came to my attention that it is simpler to just remove it.

Very few people use the command for aesthetics purposes and it mainly comes down to people using it for unfair advantages in pvp, or pve.

With the lack of people using it, then those using it for wrong intentions, I, and several others, feel it would be better to remove this command altogether.


I fully agree with this, hardly any players use this command. It seems to be more of a issue then a nice command for players.



It has no purpose and its just hurting the server


You mean when people use /hat to put a cheapskate in place of a helmet


I agree, it also puts a really bad light on moderators who abide by it being a perm ban when others will simply give a warning.

Also what is the point of /hat again?


To look fwancy

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YES, i totally agree


Agreed! There are some people who keep on abusing it!


The problem is people putting armour on their heads so just block that aspect


Have they done that?


Then get rid of it entirely if they are too lazy to fix it after knowing for months.

If they didn’t know, then they lie about listening to their community.