Releasing an update before it's ready


As of right now, there are plentiful amount of posts bagging on the new crew raids and their medals, these posts are particularly from Hfl and GRD members.

Its too early to release it./Content Patch 1.12

The Melon Development team, though I love them, has for a while now, been putting out updates, that in my eyes weren’t ready for release, a prime example is the medals with crew islands. I sincerely doubt that they did a test and got to a platinum raid, if they tried the raid feature they would’ve realized how insanely impossible it is to get the reward worth your time. For example Me, iBrae, dylansmission, FMCCC, fairywingsxox, Vexell, ThomasThePencil, Sanctifyd, and PhoHD (sorry if I’m forgetting anyone) all spent over an hour mining sandstone and raiding BBB’s base, we didn’t even get a single medal after 3mil blocks worth broken. (SS’s down below)

Content Update 1.8

Another example is when they released “Content Update 1.8 - Ore Spawners, New Skills, Chest Upgrades” as far as I’m concerned many thought of this as a flop, ore spawners were useless, the chests were still broken, and the only good thing was the Sunken Chest Buffs. They didn’t test spawners in a real world setting, and to back up these good idea patches executed horribly they say “We’d rather not make an overpowered and easy to abuse system thats why we release it less op early on then add to it”. In my eyes, that is not how it should work, because many players will spend hundreds of thousands on ore spawners and other items newly released that they basically get scammed out of it.

Patch Notes

The patch notes, don’t explain enough, plain and simple. For example, going back to the crew battles, Vexell, a well known and widely regarded as a top tier player on the server, was unable to join our first raid because he had a soul shield on, none of us knew you couldn’t and apparently you also can’t use mining skills while in there what a surprise. It’s making the new players wanting to try new content, but also unwilling to. It’s horrible that because Vexell didn’t know a rule because it was never made clear, was exempted out of a raid.

This is what I find most irritating about the server, they release updates long before they are ready…

- Gigavern


Completely agreed. The thing is they just rush in the updates and barely test what they add, even remember to put some things in the update forum post. If the patch said some details like the soul shield i wouldn’t have activated one.


Yeah i totally agree with you


Yes the last couple of updates have been either rushed or apply only to certain parts of the community


Can we also mention…

Proximity Guardians?

Namely the fact that they were bugged beyond belief for a straight week? :v

Truthfully, as someone who’s worked with developing things in the past, bugs are an inevitable nuisance in any game’s code. The difference between bad and good devs lies in whether or not those bugs are squashed prior to an update.
I get wanting to do weekly updates, and that’s great! But maybe every so often, just…devote an update to fixing bugs, at least, if you won’t fix them prior to launching these new features.

The prime example here is Proximity Guardians. They had all sorts of issues that were reported here on the forums, ranging from being placeable in island spawns to acting up on Crew Islands…hell, they didn’t even update their permissions properly in many cases. Despite the numerous bug reports, no actual fix for these accursed items was pushed until the 1.12 update, by which point…what the hell did it matter if they’d be dead anyway?

Additionally, nobody reads the fine print in the update posts here on the forums because there’s no fine print to read to begin with. As such, as mentioned prior, people can get knocked out of features because of crucial information that’s left out of these update posts, leaving the community to ask multiple times to receive answers they really should already be given.

So, in conclusion, the advice to take from this would be:

  1. Perform realistic testing and fix bugs before updates launch to ensure we don’t have the Prox. Guardian Problem: Part 2, and
    b. Ensure that the update posts include more specific information about the features included in each update so that people can feel informed, including limitations and possible bugs.

But hey, what do I know? Haven’t done MC-related code work in a year or two, so. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just some food for thought, I guess.


I know what you mean, especially not testing the simplest of things like boom pickaxes can ruin this server.


So, there are certainly some issues, and people have made valid points and reports.

Just to explain what the position of content creators/Devs would be, there can be a struggle with new content. There is always the risk of your users to not like something you’ve created/added, but that’s why they ask for feedback, so they can make changes. Also, as much as you wanna sort out all the bugs before a release, there will be times when things are overlooked (hence bug reports), and sometimes you have/set a deadline that comes up that you wanna avoid pushing, so you do your best to get things together, so you can continue to provide new content.

Lastly, this game is still only months old, and there will be many additions and changes as time goes on. Just, as you see things that don’t fit, don’t work, or things that should be added, try to be supportive and constructive with your comments and suggestions. Our Devs work hard to give you something you’ll enjoy, and it helps them when you’re helpful and supportive. :slight_smile:


As I do agree with you in a sort, it still doesn’t’t make it reasonable that update after update they have game breaking bugs slip in. When you say things are “overlooked” it doesn’t’t seen plausible that the whole testing of the update was “overlooked” as, unless you expect us to spend hours upon hours to mine blocks, it wasn’t tested properly.

These bugs and lack of info on how things work is absolutely insane and not something you can defend due to the lack of devs or lack of time. You set yourselves to an update a week and if you can’t release quality updates by this basis then don’t.