Reimbursement for slot trinket set


So a few days ago we found out enchants stack, and according to Staff, they don’t, but according to everyone
else and my chat, yes they stack. After telling Reeses about the enchants stacking, and her denying they stack, and her telling us “go for it”, Vex and I made sets, and apparently now that we have these sets its being “adjusted”, yet chark and Will have had these sets forever. I’m now losing 7 trinkets because of this and feel like since Reeses told us “go for it” multiple times and gave lots of these: :+1: I should have them given back. I worked extremely hard getting these and payed a lot of gold, and now it’s gonna be useless. And I stg, if this is denied because “it’s your fault” like Reeses has been saying, since she can’t own up to her own mistakes, I’m done. Since I’m high level and don’t have a rank or pearls, getting skill slots is really difficult and thats why I want this.

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Allowing several pieces to have the same enchant and all of those chances to proc are combined. Is this not the definition of stacking? If it isn’t I have no clue what is because it seems to be that way everywhere else. :thinking:

An excerpt from a Minecraft forum:

Protection enchantments from multiple pieces of armor stack together, up to a calculated maximum. Each protection enchantment protects against specific types of damage.

While I know the server obviously doesn’t use vanilla enchants, is this not the same premise?

What I’m getting from this is: The more pieces with an enchant like Melee Endurance on, the higher the chances you have for it to proc, and deflect melee damage.

If stacking has never been considered a bug, why have we been told by the Admins that these enchants do not stack but clearly it appears to do just that?


Melee endurance will always proc, but if all 4 pieces stack the damage will be reduced by 20% 4 times.


Yes Coll we know this smh, the staff are saying it doesnt.


Aww poor zach helps comin :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


I was replying to fm, who seemed to be a bit confused.


I’m aware, I’m just tired of being told that something happens one way when it obviously doesn’t.


@ZachAnimations The issue stemmed from how the detail of what was going on wasn’t made clear hence why it was initially denied as a problem by the Devs at the time. This has been corrected however and I’ll refund either the slot trinkets or cost of pearls to buy said trinkets. Just let me know which you would prefer. Cheers


And also the issue stemmed from the fact that the enchants while they in code do not stack, they gave a chance to proc and therefore give more chance of the effect of that enchant from occurring the higher the level was, hence why it initially looked like it was ‘stacking’ but it wasn’t according to the devs and hence why the issue was initially told to the staff members that it wasn’t an issue.

This has been corrected and there has been a fix made for it to go live on Friday.