[POLL] Content Direction!


Hey Pirates!

Last time we made a poll, it was prior to our release of both Crew Battles and West Nolem. Now, we’d like to get your input again on the direction that you personally want to see the server take.

That said, keep in mind that this poll is primarily for immediate direction. We have big plans in the future (Open Seas expansion, dungeons, etc.) – but as these are large updates, they take time to implement.

So within the next couple weeks, what kind of content would you like to see?

  • Merchant Features (Market Alley, Player Shops, More Collectable Items)
  • Open Seas Features (Open Seas Control Points, More Treasure types, more Open Sea obstacles)
  • Crew Features (Crew Seasons, Season Rewards, More use of Battle Medals)
  • Island Features (More island collectibles, special event tools like parkour pads and PVP area runes, etc.)
  • Other (Comment below!)

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Thanks for your feedback as always!



For the record I split my vote among Island Features and Merchant Features.



  • PvE dungeons


:wink: We’re way ahead of you.


Awesome hehehe :heart: