Player Questing!


This idea just popped into my head while seeing all the people asking for favors and other things for quests.

Player Quests

An easy way to get others to do things for you. You could use it as an auction house GUI. Once they type in a command it brings up a GUI that allows you to either:

A. Put up a quest, setting a reward and what you want.

B. Browse quests, and find work to do for money, allowing market chat to have less “Buying workers” and “Looking for work” while giving opportunities for newer players.

Upon finishing the quest you can put the items in a GUI and the player who gave out the quest can see the stuff inside (If its a build or demolish quest just put in something upon seeing the correct items inside they can click a “quest done” button which gives the rewards to the questee and the blocks or whatever to the person who gave out the quest.

If a way to scam is found it should be a warning or a bannable offense.


Idk too much text didnt want to read idk if its good but gl ig? idk type less


No. I’m not going to type less, as its what I need to do to get my message across and my suggestion across.


im the owner jk sorry


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Still, also calling me stupid while posting to a forum (which is mostly professional, and for suggestions) doesn’t paint a good light on you and in my head, paints you in a negative one.


The idea is great, but I fear that the end result could become a bit too complicated. What if someone starts a quest and never finishes it? Will the creator of that quest have to wait forever until his/her quest is done? I’m sure there are many more possibilities, but I’m just using this one as an example.


A time limit could be placed on the quest as a counter to this.


I personally really like this idea because I have a huge tree farm and I don’t want to cut it down so I have other people to do it (you were actually one of them), but I can never actually trust someone so I watched you cut down the trees. Another possible addition is to make it so that the person accepting the quest can travel to only a specific area of the island.


I like the idea of only travel to a specific part of the island, but may I suggest allowing players to restrict a certain part of their islands from other players? Such as building for things on display, or a community of the island, but possibly allowing them to have a house of their own, or a certain section of land where they can do whatever they please with it, and it being like a section of the island/crew community.


I like the idea too and its been suggested by others as well, but since the crew islands are coming out I believe that personal islands will not have this feature. It’s still a possibility and if it gets added a cool feature. I would also assume that they would work ranks into this feature because its similar to the lock feature and that is a rank benefit.


I like the idea it would be kind of like a donation system I remember in crew discord channels they have a resources channel that people ask for resources and I can see your idea being something like that .