Overpriced Items


With the many NPC’s selling items for the common player they aren’t all going to be perfect, in fact, most of them are far from it. A couple items are completely under and overpriced and it hurts the servers rep and increases the frustration amongst the community.

An example of this which I hear immensely is about the cobblestone prices of 1 cobblestone for 21 gold which is absurd. Personally, I think it should be 1 cobblestone for 1 or 2 gold. Another example is the quartz. 64 quartz is about 20k this amounts to only 16 quarts blocks.

This server has so many redeeming qualities about it but the shops hurt to see and make my frustration along with others increase.


I totally agree with this, i think some of the blocks in the server should have some low prices since the prices currently are so insane, and its pretty to much.


We’re always balancing market prices. Thanks for the feedback!


I agree the economy is so expensive to buy any items will rip your balance


+1 Expensive blocks.