Ore spawners-need help


So I got two ore spawners one coal,and one iron,and set up a stone generator for each and placed them at the top of the generator. I made sure there was stone and afk’ed thes spawners overnight and this morning I find not a single ore has spawned. So I’m wondering is there any paramaters ore spawners work under,like less light? or do they have to be right next to stone blocks?


Here is how one of them is set up. what are we doing wrong?


The spawner may be to far away. Ore spawners have a 9x9x9 spawner radius, I do not know how far away that spawner is from the stone, but it may be causing the issue.

Also, I think it only spawns on cobblestone unless you have a charm for it that allows it to spawn on cobble and stone.


Will try moving it closer,I did read in the introductory post to ore spawners that by default they spawn ore on both stone and cobble,but a charm will allow for ore spawns in empty air


It appears like what FMCCC said that its too far away i just needs to be at most 4 blocks any direction from spawner.


Ore Spawners can spawn ores on Stone or Cobblestone — the Aether charm also allows them to spawn ores out of thin air!

The spawn radius for an Ore Spawner is a 9x9x9 cubic area centered on the spawner — in other words, no more than 4 blocks in each direction from the spawner. Judging from the looks of things, those Ore Spawners are much too far away! Just move them closer to the area you wish for ores to spawn on, and you’ll be good!

Just don’t expect anything too impressive right off the bat — Ore Spawners start out very slow. With time, care, and some Spawner XP Bottles, though, they can become real powerhouses!

Hope this info helped, and see you around the server!