Open Seas Event - A Storm at Sea


I recently came up with an idea for a PVE based open seas event called A Storm at Sea. I decided to share it here to get some feedback from other community members and attempt to have it noticed by the developers.


The event would happen at random or be triggered by a special item, similar to the Treasure Restock Passes.


When the event starts a thunderstorm would set over the open seas, causing rain and thunder to set the atmosphere. During this storm lighting would strike at random throughout the open seas, causing no damage to player or the environment. The lightning would instead spawn random mobs when it strikes, the mobs would be zombies and skeletons dressed in armor and wearing player heads to make them look like dead pirates. The spawning locations of the mobs would be completely random so all players have a fair chance to take on the more powerful enemies. The event would last 10-15 minutes after which the storm would clear and any remaining mobs would quickly die without dropping any loot.


Each mob would have a tier ranging from 1 through 5 similar to the treasure chests, the tier would determine how much health the mob has, the damage it deals, and the loot that it drops. The drops would include treasure chests, ingots and gems, unidentified items, money, talent runes, and potions. With better versions of each coming from higher tiered mobs.

Tier 5 mobs would act as mini-bosses, having special attacks that they can use against players. These attacks could vary widely giving each fight a unique experience to players. The mini-bosses would drop the best loot, such as tier 5 chests, emeralds, and high level runes.

Additional Ideas

  • Treasure restock passes should be disabled during this event to encourage combat.
  • PvP damage could be reduced, similar to the effects of a calm sea gem, to encourage PvE combat.
  • Guardians could spawn in areas covered with water as an additional hazard. They would not have any drops.
  • A toggle option could be added for players that don’t want to see the rain, even though it ruins the theme of the event.


sounds like an amazing idea


Sounds really cool but maybe if there was a announcement of when it started and cords to it would make it more competitive because people with have to fight there way to the event then also fight the mobs and any others that tried the event


I actually like this idea very much… Impressive

Whether or not this can be implemented is up to Devon and the team though.

But great idea Coll!


An additional idea to add to this, is if the mobs drop their corresponding tier treasure chest, perhaps? so like tier 1 mobs drop tier 1 treasure chests and so on so forth.


Love this idea! I have a suggestion though;

During Storm at Sea, recall elixirs wouldn’t work. Just an idea to make it a little bit more challenging.


This sounds so cool!


I love the idea! It sounds like allot of fun if it were implemented and I hope it is.
Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile: