Open Seas Contest Winners



1st Place

(6,500 Pearls + Build Added to the Open Seas)


While deciding who should take our 1st place standing, we took into consideration many different elements. Could we see this fit into the Open Seas? Was it detailed and well thought out? Did a lot of effort go into it?. This build seemed like an immediate example of ticking all these boxes from the get go.

Check out Risin’s Build: HERE

:tada: Congratulations Risin! :tada:

2nd Place

(4,000 Pearls)


This build was yet another example of ticking all the right boxes when it came to this contest. Unfortunately only one winner can go into the Open Seas. We hope this reward of some of the finest Uncharted pearls will show our gratitude for this amazing entry.

Check out Coll’s Build: HERE

:tada: Congratulations Coll! :tada:

3rd Place

(2,500 Pearls)


Although this was a very last minute entry, it immediately caught our attention with its attention to detail and unique design. From the outside to the inside, this build hosted a variety of well blended building blocks. We’re proud to announce this entry as our 3rd place winner!

Check out iPug8’s Build: HERE

:tada: Congratulations iPug8! :tada:

Honorable Mentions

These individuals made some fantastic builds but unfortunately couldn’t be placed in our Top 3. That being said we wanted to show our appreciation for their effort by listing them in our Honorable Mentions section.

mention1 | mention2 | mention3 | mention4


All winners will need to PM me on the forums to claim their prizes. In terms of our 1st Place winner we will be planning a place and time to get that build moved over into the Open Seas over the next few days.

Thank You

Thank you once again to our amazing community for supporting this Community Event, we’re so grateful to have you support us and everything we’re aiming to achieve here at Uncharted. If you have any suggestions for future events feel free to drop them below!

Stay Tuned for an Announcement on our next event!


Congrats to the winners!


Rigged man this is rigged where can I report char for taking my bribes smh. But nah Litt stuff I won ayee gg to other winners and all the participants.


Congrats to all of y’all.


Good job everyone you did awesome!


Gimme them pearls pls


GG TO all winners
I was so lucky to get my entry in , in time