Open Seas Build Contest!



Welcome to the Open Seas Build Contest!

This contest is aimed at showcasing the skills of some of the servers talented builders in return for some awesome prizes and a chance to leave your mark in the Open Seas. Consider yourself a good builder? Then why not give it a shot? Either way it’s all a bit of fun for everyone!

The overall build theme is of course the Open Seas. Think about what is currently placed there and match the theme, it has to be something that could genuinely fit in.

Here’s a few pointers to help get you sailing in the right direction!

  • Where could it fit in? specific areas have a bit of a theme themselves: parrots, sunken ships, crates, big landmarks nearby, anchors, life rings etc.

  • Use a variety of materials, the Builder in the market is always a good place to start!

  • Try not to copy or rip off of existing landmarks in the Open Seas, the aim is to create something unique.

  • It can be submerged in water!

Contest Rules

  1. To Enter into the contest you must submit a post on the “Builds” category of the forums (FOUND HERE) with either a Video showcasing the build or enough screenshots compiled into an album to fully see the build so it can be judged.

  2. Title your contest post with the intended name and add [Open Seas Contest] on the end so it’s clear you’re entering this contest, if this is not added it will not be counted as an entry.

  3. All entries must be within the boundaries of 20 blocks in length/width and 30 blocks high. Anything above this size will not be considered in this contest.

  4. All entries must be built on your own islands on the server itself.

  5. All entries must be your own and only one user can receive a prize per build.

  6. Make sure the build follows our Server guidelines, IE: Rules, Approved List of Mods etc.

  • For Example: Char’s Landmark [Open Seas Contest]
  1. One submission per person.

  2. Do not steal other people’s content.

  3. You may edit your build up until 11th of August at 1pm ET, any entry beyond this date and time will not be counted. Please ensure if your build has been edited that you update your post accordingly.


Yes, the bit you all want to know… “Well what’s in it for me?” Well I’m glad you asked!

  • 1st Place: 6,500 Pearls + Build added to the Open Seas

  • 2nd Place: 4,000 Pearls

  • 3rd Place: 2,500 Pearls

The Contest will end 4 Weeks from now on August 11th.

Good luck to everyone looking to enter the contest, I look forward to judging them all!



Cool Cool !

By the way, does “One submission per person” mean 1 build or can you submit multiple builds?


Only one build per person


I was wondering if the video/pictures themselves had to be on the server or if we could do a world download and use fly for better quality?


Good luck everyone who participates on the Contest!


I was thinking that it would be neat if we could make 2 builds and your favorite one would count for the contest :smiley: